Five Things to Improve Project Performance with Deltek PPM

Posted by Jason Kinder on October 31, 2019

Deltek Project and Portfolio Managent

By Jason Kinder, Director Product Marketing, Deltek.

Managing projects, regardless of size, is a difficult and challenging endeavor. Providing project status, cost and schedule forecasts, risks and opportunities, workflow management, to name a few, are all critical pieces to successful project management. Making these tasks more complicated is that the tools and systems used rarely speak to each other, which requires manual integration of the data to truly understand the status of the project. 

Here are five things that will help you improve your project controls and management disciplines using Deltek’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) suite of tools.

  1. Many of you know that Open Plan is an enterprise-class project management solution that offers the power and flexibility to complete all sizes and types of projects on time and on budget. It is also great for resource management across your organization.  Did you know that Open Plan can also improve your scheduling discipline?  Open Plan warns you that entered data does not comply with industry best practices, company policy or requirements from federal agencies like the DCMA, thereby adding an additional level of control and maturity to your organization.
  2. Most of you are aware of the power of Acumen Fuse for project analysis and ensuring your schedules are achievable, sound and realistic.  Acumen Risk helps you account for, and proactively reduce, exposure to risk and uncertainty.  Yet most people are not aware of Acumen 360 and the ability to accelerate your schedules.  We are always looking for ways to deliver early and Acumen 360 helps planners identify the minimum number of changes needed to meet a goal.  You can now see where acceleration is possible, run what-if analysis and show defendable results. 
  3. For projects that have earned value management (EVM) requirements, Deltek Cobra is the industry leader for government contracting firms. Cobra integrates with the leading scheduling tools and meets all of the EVM standards required by the US government.  Cobra quickly produces accurate reports so you can spend more time conducting analysis and taking corrective action.  That is why many customers have implemented Cobra not only on their large, EVM projects, but also on the small and medium projects.  That gives them an enterprise view of the entire business.
  4. Remember the days of looking through an inch thick paper cost report and another schedule report to see where you had project issues? Then writing queries to look for project variances such as CPI, SPI or TCPI?  This was a manual ‘pull’ method. Deltek PM Compass gives you a centralized view of project information, also known as the Command Center. A view of portfolio, program and project status – all in your personalized dashboard.  PM Compass ‘pushes’ project alerts, status, risks and accounting and financial data.  No more feeling like a software coder writing queries to see project trends and variances.
  5. Finally here is the last but not least way to improve project performance. Managing the many subcontractor, vendor and internal schedules across your organization is a time consuming, labor-intensive and costly process. Acumen Touchstone fully automates the schedule submission process, adhering to your company’s schedule quality criteria, best practices and standards.  Instead of reviewing every schedule for quality and deliverability, Acumen Touchstone takes that burden off your shoulders.  Now you can now spend your valuable time managing and analyzing your projects and programs, instead of squandering resources validating every schedule submittal. 

So there you have it! Five relatively unknown, ways to mature your project controls and scheduling organizations. Want more information on Deltek’s suite of project performance tools? Join us at #DeltekInsight 2019 to learn about these as well as other solutions for project-based businesses.

  • Introduction to Acumen Touchstone
  • What’s New at DCMA, DECM and Beyond
  • What’s New and Roadmap Sessions for all PPM Products

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About the Author

Jason Kinder is the Director of Product Marketing for the Project and Portfolio Management solutions at Deltek. He has more than 15 years’ experience in program management specializing in earned value and previously worked at Raytheon and L-3 Communications. Jason is also the co-author of the EVM and IPM for Dummies books (part of the Deltek Dummies book series) and holds a BBA from Stephen F. Austin State University