Planning for Success: Top Opportunities for Federal Government Contractors in FY 2020

Posted by Deltek on September 26, 2019

Top Opps FY 2020

Summary: The start of the new federal fiscal year is upon us, and that means contractors need to build a strong pipeline early to make the most of the upcoming year. Kick off  FY 2020 with industry-leading data and analysis on the top federal opportunities opening up in the next year.

The beginning of the new fiscal year (FY) is an exciting time for federal government contractors. It’s a chance to make a fresh start, to focus on growth, and to pursue some of the numerous, lucrative business opportunities offered by various federal government agencies.

Each year, the Federal Market Analysis team from GovWin – the leader in government contracting market intelligence – compiles a series of thought-leadership webinars and corresponding reports that cover the key opportunities to do business with the government in the upcoming fiscal year. This year’s edition of those reports include analysis of the top 20 unrestricted opportunities, the top 10 set-aside opportunities, the top 10 professional services opportunities, and the top 10 architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) opportunities in the federal market.


Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2020

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Below, we have assembled a high-level overview of this analysis that may help your business get a head start on one or more of these top federal opportunities – whichever industry your company serves.

Unrestricted Federal Opportunities

Unrestricted opportunities are available to the broadest group of contractors. These federal opportunities may last for multiple years, be available to multiple providers of goods and services, and be worth multiple millions – if not hundreds of millions – of dollars.

It is worth paying attention to unrestricted federal opportunities even if your business does not plan on competing to get on the contract. The highest-profile federal procurements often go a long way towards shaping the broader federal government contracting market.

Federal Set-Aside Opportunities

The federal government aims to set aside approximately 23% of its overall prime contracting dollars for businesses who fit into one of several set-aside categories. And just because a company fits into the category of a small business, or is qualified as an 8(a) business, does not mean they aren’t able to get in on some of the major contracting opportunities. The top 10 federal set-aside opportunities for FY 2020 total tens of billions of dollars in value, are associated with several different federal agencies, and are tied to a variety of industry categories.

Professional Services Opportunities

The market for professional services firms to do business in the public sector is broad, yet deep. In just the first three months of FY 2020, federal business opportunities in the professional services industry are expected to total close to $7B. Some of the more popular industry sub-categories within the professional services space include management consulting, human resources, personnel services, finance, and insurance. The top professional services opportunities that our Federal Market Analysis team identified have ties to several of these categories.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Opportunities

Whether it’s the design of a new government building or the renovation of a major roadway, there is no shortage of ways that federal government contractors can grow their revenue by targeting major architecture, engineering, and construction opportunities. The overall pool of these types of contracts in the federal space is vast - in the first quarter of FY 2020 alone, AEC opportunities are estimated to make up approximately $23B – and contains ties to several different federal agencies.

Next Steps for Government Contractors

After identifying the top opportunities available in federal government contracting, and determining which of those might be a good fit for your business… what comes next?

If your company is targeting federal unrestricted, set-aside, professional services, or AEC opportunities, and they are preparing to pursue one or more of these top opportunities in the coming fiscal year, you may want to arm yourself with the following information:

  • Spending trends within your target markets
  • Procurement patterns anticipated for the coming year
  • Detailed intelligence to help you build a strong pipeline

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