What's New in ConceptShare 6.27

Posted by Regan Riddoch on January 27, 2020

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ConceptShare 6.27 gives users a greater ability to prioritize their review tasks and streamline the Reviewer experience.

The New Reviews screen

The new Reviews screen makes it easier for Reviewers to manage their review tasks by replacing My Reviews to provide a single place to see all your reviews across all projects. This  gives you better visibility across all reviews in progress and what outstanding work is left to do. Now you can identify reviews that require immediate action from a single screen, which makes it easier to manage your review tasks.

Asset Visibility Control for Project Admins

We are always working to make the review and approval process easier for the entire team. That's why we've added permissions to Reviewer Roles to give Project Admins the ability to streamline the Reviewer experience by managing the assets they can see and download. Now Project Admins can designate which roles can download assets - including roles that are assigned to External Reviewers. This gives you more control to streamline the Reviewer experience by allowing them to access and download only the assets they’ve been assigned to review.

ConceptShare 6.27 makes it easier for users to easily participate in the review and approval process, get clear actionable feedback and reduce unnecessary rework – allowing you to streamline the review cycle, reduce costs and deliver more content.


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