Vision Tips & Tricks: Financial Report Showing Orgs in Columns

Posted by Melissa Coffey on October 14, 2015


Over the years, several users have asked for a way to show their organizations listed as columns on a financial statement.  This is possible by using conditions within a calculated field.  For example, here is an Income Statement with columns representing the revenue and expense values by office.


To start, create a new calculated field for each column you want to print on the report.


When building the calculated field, select Use a Condition. When using a condition, the Calculation section of the Calculated Field dialog changes so that you are able enter the rules on what value to show when your condition is true and the value to show when it is false.  In the example below, Office is a level of the organization structure.   First choose Office from the Field selection by double clicking. Then, choose the equal sign from the Use a Condition group. Next, you will need to type the organization code that represents the office for the column you are defining.   In the example, the Boston office has an organization code of BO.   Since the code is a string (type of database field), you will need to enclose the value in double quotes.

In my example, I want to show the Year to Date amount on the report for each office.  Move the focus to the Use This Calculation section and then select the value (Year to Date Amount) from the Field by double clicking.   Last, in Otherwise, Use this Calculation, enter 0. 

Save this calculated field and then create additional ones for each column you want on the financial report.


You have now created a financial statement with columns representing a level of your organization structure. 

For multi-company users, columns can be created to represent companies by create custom columns on a Consolidated GL report.