Why Now is the Time to Upgrade to Vantagepoint

October 10, 2023
Melissa Coffey
Sr. Director, Product Management
Why Now is the Time to Upgrade to Vantagepoint

For our Deltek Vision users, Deltek Vantagepoint is inspired by you and is the result of your continuous feedback over the past decade. Vantagepoint was built and continues to be enhanced based on feedback from users like you on how we can better support the success of project-based businesses. Everything from big changes like streamlining the project lifecycle and combining firm records to small changes like quick find in searches or easily navigating between companies/periods was all driven by the feedback we heard from users on how to improve the overall experience. With that in mind, we want to help your firm upgrade so you can take advantage of all Vantagepoint has to offer.

When we talk to users who have upgraded from Vision to Vantagepoint, they are often most excited about the project manager experience, dashboards and the overall user interface/usability. Other users are taking advantage of long-requested features now available in Vantagepoint.

Users Share Top Benefits from Vantagepoint Upgrade

  • Project manager experience - We continually hear feedback that project managers are more engaged and more productive with Vantagepoint. This includes everything from the single project command center and a streamlined project planning process to better visuals and insight into how a project is progressing.

    Projects Hub Projects Review

    Easily monitor project performance
  • Dashboards – The dashboards in Vantagepoint are often highlighted as a game changer for companies. Clear data visualization of key performance metrics drives data-driven decisions across the business. Dashboards support better collaboration in team meetings and provide a quick, easy solution to identify trends and exceptions that likely need addressed.

    My Dashboards Principal

    Gain better insight into project and corporate health through Vantagepoint dashboards
  • UI/UX – The Vantagepoint user experience and user interface is the result of countless usability studies with current and future users on how they want to interact with a solution. Feedback includes everything from quick find in search to user preference on dark or light mode to enhanced grid functionality to remember what records the users were working on most recently.

Simplify Your Upgrade with New Utility

As you test in your preview environment, you want to take those configurations and settings to your Vantagepoint production environment after you go live. Now, with the new transfer settings utility, you can streamline your upgrade process by bringing settings configured in your Vantagepoint preview environment into your Vantagepoint production environment, saving time and ensuring you have everything set the way you want after the actual upgrade. To learn more about the new feature and how it can help with your upgrade, watch this video.

Vantagepoint Upgrade Resources

No matter where you are within your journey from Vision to Vantagepoint, Deltek wants to help you succeed.

  • Access upgrade resources – The Vantagepoint Upgrade Resources page is a great place to start. Listen to exciting new enhancements impacting all types of users within your firm in our Why Vantagepoint series. This is your go-to site for all questions related to your upgrade, so check it out and share it with your teams to build excitement around Vantagepoint.
  • Contact your Upgrade Success Manager – All Vision customers have a dedicated point of contact to ensure a successful upgrade to Vantagepoint.Reach out to [email protected] to get started and to get answers to your questions.
  • Join a demo – Once you have checked out the Why Vantagepoint videos, join a demo to see Vantagepoint in action and ask questions. This is a great opportunity to ask that question that might be impacting your upgrade timing. Contact your Upgrade Success Manager to register.
  • Join our Vantagepoint Customer Assistance Program (CAP), a series of live, no-cost sessions presented by Deltek team members to share practical advice on upgrading to Vantagepoint. Recordings are also available for those who want to review on a more flexible schedule. To join an upcoming CAP, check out the link on the Vantagepoint Upgrade Resources page.
  • Request a preview environment to explore Vantagepoint for yourself. If you are in the Deltek Cloud, you will get a complimentary preview environment so you can see your Vision data upgraded to Vantagepoint and test any new or improved features so you can see how they will impact your workflows. This will also help you determine where you might want to focus your time preparing to upgrade. Request from the Vantagepoint Upgrade Resources page.
  • Check out the Vantagepoint Readiness Portal to find free education related to upgrading to Vantagepoint, including videos and documents with considerations and a checklist to help organize the process. Access through the Deltek Learning Zone or contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • Consider Launch Care Assistance – Many users have taken advantage of additional resources to help plan for the upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint. Although not required, many companies have found it beneficial to lean on the experts to ensure a smooth upgrade process. If you need a little more support in your upgrade journey, check out the Deltek Launch Care program to help ease the process and save time for your staff.

Choose Your Vantagepoint Upgrade Approach

Companies that have upgraded from Vision to Vantagepoint over the last several years have taken different approaches in their journey to Vantagepoint. You decide what approach works best for your business:

  1. Upgrade First, Process Improvement Second: Some companies have chosen to make minimal updates to their current processes and focus on upgrading to Vantagepoint first and then implement new functionality in the months following the upgrade.
  2. Data Clean-up: Some companies are taking this opportunity to clean up their data as part of the upgrade. For these companies, the upgrade is motivation to review duplicate contacts, duplicate firms, clean up outstanding AR, close out dormant projects, remove favorite reports no longer actively used or remove user defined fields no longer providing value. While this data hygiene initiative is valuable on a regular basis, the upgrade has been a great motivator for many users (while certainly not required).
  3. Process Improvement: Other companies are taking time to evaluate their current business processes and look for ways to streamline as part of their upgrade journey to Vantagepoint. Many firms that extensively use CRM and Resource Planning have taken the time to review current user workflows and internal processes that could benefit from the streamlined project lifecycle within Vantagepoint. These companies are focused on identifying key processes to streamline entry, remove manual work and leverage automation to save users time. They are also looking at new features in Vantagepoint and determining what can fit into the process now and what they may want to implement later to simplify the upgrade, but still take advantage of the process improvement when the time is right.
  4. Overall System Evaluation: A few companies are choosing to take a holistic approach and evaluate their overall use, adoption and implementation of Vision and ultimately Vantagepoint. Many companies have been on Vision for a decade or more and their business has transformed significantly in that time. These companies may be looking at significant changes that they have considered in the past, but now may be the right time to make more substantial changes like adjustments to their organizational structure, consolidating databases as part of mergers and acquisitions, updating internal processes around project initiation or billing review or enhanced integrations with other key solutions that work alongside Vantagepoint. These firms are taking the opportunity to make bigger implementation adjustments as part of the upgrade to Vantagepoint

No matter which approach resonates with your company, Deltek and our partner community have the resources to help you with your upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint.

Our commitment to you is to continue to provide a valuable tool to help support the success of your projects and therefore the success of your business.


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