Global IT Consulting Firm Powers Project Success with Maconomy

Posted by Kimberly Sack on September 8, 2020

Prodyna and Deltek

With a unique combination of creative, innovative and technical services, Prodyna empowers customers around the globe with customer experience, digitalization and cloud computing strategies. This includes the design, implementation and operation of custom software solutions for mid- to large-sized organizations.

Speed, agility and scalability are the new paradigm for software development and Prodyna faced various challenges with their growth and internationalization plans. Managing financials, operations and people across offices in seven countries, the company saw an opportunity to replace multiple, disparate systems and to reduce manual efforts. After a thorough evaluation process, Prodyna chose Deltek Maconomy to streamline the business with one centralized ERP solution.

Growth and Internalization Challenges

Prodyna was challenged with limitations managing multiple disparate tools including Microsoft Navision, a custom-built resource management tool, Microsoft CRM, and Alfresco DMS (document management solution). With suppliers and accountants in each of the seven countries delivering data in different formats and multiple regulatory mandates, accounting and reporting processes proved challenging and required cumbersome, manual efforts. The disparate systems created blind spots, an overall lack of transparency on project performance and manual intercompany invoicing. Prodyna’s internationalization and growth strategy required a single fully integrated system to consolidate financial data from all offices.

A Single Version of the Truth with Deltek Maconomy

Prodyna chose Deltek Maconomy with People Planner and the Maconomy Analytics Bundle as the single, integrated solution for the global IT consulting firm. This combined sales, resource planning, project management, time and expenses, invoicing and subscriptions into one, integrated solution. With Prodyna’s well-defined processes, Maconomy provided increased speed by unfolding the power of processes and sharing them across all offices and staff. The Maconomy application provides a seamlessly integrated solution built specifically for project-based businesses. It uses a modern technology stack with an open RESTful API and an innovative roadmap. The fully integrated resource planning and management add-on solution, People Planner, provides visibility and accuracy for Prodyna’s global resource management. Their project and client-facing teams utilize the iAccess interface for simple time, entry and project management - providing anytime, anywhere access via the web.


“We needed support across the entire supply chain – from opportunity through invoicing. Deltek Maconomy provides the single, integrated solution for sales, resource planning, project management, time and expenses, invoicing and subscriptions.” - Christoph Korner, COO and Founding Member, Prodyna


Faster, Data-Driven Decisions

Prodyna is using Maconomy to support their entire supply chain from opportunity to project creation through to invoicing. By using Maconomy, Prodyna has seen benefits including:  

  • Instant visibility into project data including project actuals vs. budget enables faster decision making
  • Timely and accurate time sheets and project data provide real-time transparency with accurate reporting
  • Major cost savings realized from consolidating the maintenance of multiple systems and the ability outsourced accounting processes
  • Increased speed by unfolding the power of processes and sharing them across all offices and staff
  • Complete visibility with limitless view of data and a meta-overview of the entire company through dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Real-time transparency of project and financial data reduces unnecessary communication and results in more timely and accurate reporting, on a weekly basis

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Visit here to learn more about Prodyna and request a demo to learn more about Maconomy.  

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