Empower Your Project Managers with Maconomy iAccess – Part 1

Posted by Kimberly Sack on July 11, 2019

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Project Managers – we’ve got you covered! In our recent Maconomy release, we’ve focused on bringing project management functionality for project managers (PMs) currently available in the Workspace client interface to the iAccess interface. (Need a recap on iAccess? Click here)

The iAccess interface provides a clean look and feel to help your teams navigate to the project management information they need. Most of the new workspaces have similar functionality available at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere via any web browser. With the latest release, 10 new workspaces now support project managers for the complete project lifecycle from project creation through project closure.

In this blog post, we are going to look at four of the project manager workspaces. Let’s dive in:

Job Home Workspace

The job home workspace is a central space for project managers to create, edit and execute key project-related tasks. Front and center is a dashboard-like overview screen with customizable key performance indicators and conditional formatting so PMs can quickly see what’s on target, overdue or requires attention. Project managers can also:

  • Create a new project or edit existing projects
  • Set up tasks, prices, employees, documents, invoicing plan, sub jobs, etc.
  • Generate project-specific BPM reports
  • Close out a project

Maconomy iAccess Job Home

This workspace also provides a list view with multiple search parameters for all of a PM’s projects – think job number, job name, customer name, job state, invoicing method, etc. Remember: these columns are customizable to accommodate the fields your PMs typically use.

Budgeting Workspace

Alert! This is new functionality!  Unlike the other workspaces, Maconomy provides a new way to budget projects with dynamic layouts based on the type of project budget chosen. Read Simple and Savvy: The New Way to Budget Projects in Maconomy iAccess for more details.

Maconomy iAccess budgeting

For those project managers who prefer the tried and true way, the Estimating Workspace is available. PMs can replicate how they create and edit budgets just as they do in the Workspace client interface.

Progress Evaluation Workspace

The progress evaluation workspace takes information typically available in the Workspace client interface and adapted it to the iAccess framework for a simpler, user experience. Project managers can:

  • Manage estimate to completion and update working budget
  • Calculate completion percentage
  • View historical progress evaluations

Maconomy iAccess Job Progress Evaluation

Risk Management Workspace

As the project progresses, it’s critical for PMs to mitigate risk. The risk management workspace helps pinpoint and manage risks at the project level. Pick a status, classify the risk so project teams are aware of associated parties (partner, customer, contract, etc.) and then determine if the risk is an opportunity or threat to project success. Notifications also help PMs stay on top of these risks.

Maconomy iAccess Project Risk Management

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Interested in empowering your project managers? Contact your Deltek Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to discuss the full benefits of upgrading to the latest version of Maconomy.

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