The Power of Costpoint Business Intelligence

Posted by Jessica Shirk on May 1, 2020

Government contractors using Costpoint Business Intelligence

Complex and siloed data often present analytical challenges. You need analytics that are reliable enough to help you make informed business decisions, smart enough to find hidden patterns, and visually compelling enough to resonate with your stakeholders. Through the power of Costpoint Business Intelligence, you have the opportunity to break through the noise and see what’s driving your business.

The Competition

The majority of software companies offer a reporting capability of some fashion, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best fit. Sure, larger organizations offer full-featured, robust analytics capabilities within their ERPs, but their built-in reports aren’t industry-specific, whereas Deltek's Costpoint BI solution offers the best of both worlds! Our BI solution provides complete and robust analytics with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, specific to your government contracting and project intelligence needs.

Also, much smaller organizations offer reporting and analytics capabilities however, these offerings are not out-of-the-box and typically require a data dump into an external analytics application. With Costpoint BI, your data is securely stored in one location - all within Costpoint and shared by all teams, so there is no need to transfer the information from one location to another, ensuring data quality.

Costpoint Business Intelligence

Powered by IBM’s Cognos Analytics, Costpoint Business Intelligence, offers a secure, dynamic, and intuitive environment with visibility into all project levels so you can analyze and communicate the story of your data, at any level. In addition, you’re empowered to deliver predictive insights and increase the accuracy of your reporting to meet real-time demands. This gives you the power of augmented analytics to create a shared, consistent view of your business. Through the power of Costpoint BI, you can:

  • Operationalize insights quickly. Gain insights and easily integrate them into your existing processes and business applications.
  • Take advantage of a powerful solution regardless of the size of your business. Mix and match capabilities within budget– and with no minimum user count.
  • Support every phase of your analytics journey. Costpoint delivers a comprehensive suite of BI and analytics solutions, powered by IBM’s Cognos Analytics to support data-driven decisions, so you can get the answers you need, in real-time.

As a proven and trusted solution, Costpoint BI is more than just reports and dashboards, it offers full business intelligence capabilities. Costpoint BI allows you to visualize your data and have all the information you need about your projects at your fingertips.

Costpoint BI’s flexible environment adds ease and creativity to reporting while enhancing the project management process. Also, with Costpoint BI v. 7.2.3 (powered by IBM’s Cognos Analytics), you can easily monitor your projects and accurately control costs.

A Look Into the Future

That’s not all! With the launch of Costpoint 8, we will be expanding our BI capabilities to include Artificial Intelligence. AI is part of the next step in the BI journey, diving deeper into analysis with more visualizations that allow you to quickly comprehend, as well as slice and dice data.

These new features will enable you to predict what might happen, utilize history and forecasting tools to help you look into the future – for example, what your revenue will be and what staffing levels you will need to attain it. Meanwhile, the AI Assistant, powered by IBM’s Watson, will help you interpret data - pointing out issues and even prescribing a solution. The AI capability will provide consistency in your analysis, help prepare your data, reduce the learning curve and eliminate human bias – producing clear, impactful insights.

Now What?

Check out our webinar, Designing Dashboards for Powerful Project Analysis to see how Costpoint BI can help turn your insights into knowledge and learn how to become a data-driven organization with Costpoint BI. Contact your account representative or Deltek Customer Care for more information.

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