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Posted by Ellen Keeley on February 11, 2020

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Having up-to-date project information is imperative for a project manager’s success, but this relies on employees to get items like expense reports entered into Ajera quickly and accurately.  With the release of Ajera 9.3, employees can now enter, submit and approve expense reports from any browser making it easier for employees to submit those expenses faster.  Supervisors and Accounting teams can also use expense improvements to approve expense reports using the Employee Expenses tab based on approval options defined.

The new browser-based expense reports builds off the browser-based timesheets introduced in Ajera 9.1 using the same clean logic in a new Manage > Expense Reports task.   This new task contains the same functionality as the Manage Time & Expense with a few select enhancements added based on feedback from users.  Manage Time & Expense remains available and is still supported.  When you are ready for employees to start using the new browser-based expense reports, simply give them access in Role setup.

Immediately upon launching Manage > Expense Reports, employees see a list of their expense reports from the last four weeks on the My Expenses tab.  Click on any expense report on the list to view the detail in the right pane.  Click the column heading to easily change the expenses reports shown by adding or removing filters.  To see more than the last four weeks of expense reports click on the Date column heading and change the filter. 


To view additional information about the expense report, use the gear icon in the upper right corner to add or remove columns.  New to the Browser-Based Expense Reports, are the “Has Attachments” and “Preview Attachment” columns to make it easy to see attachments related to the expense report in one place.  Add the “Has Attachments” column to quickly see if the expense report has attachments.  And if you are using Upload Attachments, you can also preview those attachments in a PDF file with the Preview attachments column.

NOTE:   Remember to use the vertical slider to quickly see those additional columns.


Take Action on the expense report by selecting the Action icon.  New to Browser-Based Expense Reports is View Expense Report Notes, which allows you to quickly view of your expense report including the notes entered on each row all in one place.


The Expense Report detail in the right pane allows easy entry of the details that make up your expense report.  Click on a cell or tab to enter the information.  Use the gear icon to add additional columns and the action icon on the row to add attachments or delete a row.


This new interface contains the same layout as Browser-Based Timesheets making it easy to know how to enter New, Print or Submit using the buttons at the top of the expense report list.  A major benefit we have heard from those who have adopted this new entry interface is that you see the expense report detail on the same screen as the expense report information AND when you save (using the save button in the upper left), there are no pesky windows closing you out of the detail view.

Take some time to check out the new and improved Expense Report entry and see how it can make it easier than ever to enter, submit and approve timesheets, all from any browser!

Want to learn more about the new browser-based expense reports and other new features in the latest release? Check out this Ajera Town Hall to learn more.  

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