A Guide to Strategically Doing Business with the Department of Defense

Posted by Nick Schiffler on December 6, 2018

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The Department of Defense is one of the most valuable mainstay agencies for companies that are selling to the federal government. That’s why Deltek has released an on-demand webinar that explains how to best do business with the Department of Defense (DoD), including the strategic outlook and spending plans for next year and beyond.

The webinar highlights several of the biggest challenges facing the Navy in terms of government contracting as we head into FY 2019. Deltek Senior Principal Research Analyst Alex Rossino and Senior Research Analyst Tim Leroy hosted the webinar, and provide valuable insights for viewers by combining their industry knowledge with the best-in-class market intelligence that comes from the GovWin IQ platform.

The webinar analyzes the “Fourth Estate” by looking at Department of Defense contracting trends, along with the opportunities that may arise in the future from Defense agencies. In light of the many changes being made by the current administration, these insights are crucial for companies trying to stay on top of the ever-changing federal government contracting landscape.

Here are three of the specific contracting goals for the DoD that GovWin analysts highlighted in the webinar as particularly important:

  • Acquisition Reform: Cumbersome buying practices are being augmented by newer acquisition methods like Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs).
  • Emerging Technology: Defense agencies are making investments in areas of new tech advances such as autonomous systems, machine learning, advanced cyber capabilities, and artificial intelligence.
  • Infrastructure Modernization: The DoD is upgrading its IT infrastructure, with the goal of migrating all workloads to the cloud by the end of FY 2020.

Department of Defense information technology contracts are clearly one area seeing a high amount of growth in opportunities. As an example, GovWin Research Analyst Kara Crowe recently investigated contracting trends and data from the Marine Corps, and found that the Marines have “overwhelmingly favored IT procurements when taking into account all spending category types.”

The DoD has several other priorities beyond just those IT challenges. The department is a great source of government contracting opportunities for businesses of all sizes, whether those businesses are looking to bid as a prime or a subcontractor.

1,000+ Active Department of Defense Opportunities

Pre-RFP to Post-RFP

Below are three specific examples of Department of Defense contracting opportunities to watch going into 2019, which come from a variety of industry groups:

  • Information Technology: Mobile Enterprise Services – Classified. Value $100M. Solicitation date Q1 FY 2019, DRFP.
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC): MRO Southwest Region. Value $760M. Solicitation date Q2 FY 2019.
  • Professional Services: SOCOM-Wide Mission Support (SWMS). Value TBD. Solicitation date estimated by Deltek to be Q2 FY 2019.

Of course, the Department of Defense isn’t the only avenue of opportunity for federal government contractors. Companies are finding success by doing business with the Army and selling to the Navy, among other agencies – and they are doing so by leveraging the most comprehensive set of government contracting data that is now available within the GovWin IQ platform.

You can request a free trial to see for yourself how GovWin IQ’s market intelligence will help your firm grow its public sector sales. Or register to view the on-demand webinar, Department of Defense Strategic Outlook for 2018 and Beyond, by selecting the link below.


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