ERP for Marketing & Advertising Agencies

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Transform the way your marketing services firm performs.


Times are tough for marketing and creative agencies. Agency-of-record contracts and retainers are dwindling and new start-ups pop-up daily ever changing the game. Project volume increases while turnaround times decrease. Clients demand more, but want to pay less. Your margins are squeezed, procurement processes tightened and resourcing needs complicated. This is where Deltek can help.

Deltek’s portfolio of offerings - Total Agency Management solutions - are purpose built for creative firms. Simple for creatives, flexible for account and operations management and controlled for finance, we help manage the entire creative process. From engaging with a client to planning a job, scheduling resources and project delivery through to billing and reporting on profits and utilization. Marketing agencies turn to Deltek to deliver better client results, achieve higher margins and make work more enjoyable for everyone. Whether independent or as a combined integrated solution, Deltek can meet your growing needs:

  • Project & Resource Management – flexible and easy to use, this solution is perfect for day to day management of jobs, people, creative process & profits.
  • ERP/Financial Management – a leading ERP solution provides complete visibility and control over budgets, finances and compliance.
  • Social Collaboration – a cloud-based tool helps you streamline communication for all jobs across business lines and departments to drive delivery and delight clients.