Why Cybersecurity Is Part of Our Business DNA

October 27, 2022
Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Security used to be a niche specialty only considered by a few. Movies often portrayed a security-minded individual as wearing a tin foil hat and sitting in a faraday cage, ranting about how everyone was spying on them. But these days, data breaches occur worldwide, and data mining and ransomware have become the norm. And like it or not, microphone-enabled smart devices now live in everybody’s pocket and their homes, making us all a target, which is why we all need to start thinking about security (tinfoil hat optional).

According to a recent study, 33% of all cyberattacks target small businesses. And as security shifts from an IT problem to a business problem, an organization’s approach to security needs to be comprehensive of their entire business. From design and development to release and support, each step of the project and product lifecycle needs to consider security as one of the key requirements.

Meeting Security & Compliance Needs

At Deltek, security permeates our organization, culture and products. It is paramount to our everyday operations and is fundamental to the way we handle customer data and deliver superior service and support. As the technology and security needs of the market change, it is also essential that government contractors and project-based businesses remain nimble to respond to the constant evolution of standards and requirements.

We understand that keeping pace with shifting compliance demands can be challenging and costly. This is why we build and operate our project-based ERP solutions in a manner that assumes the most advanced threats and adversaries, allowing us to meet the security commitments we have made to our customers.

Accounting solutions that are not built for government compliance can become more and more limited in capability and process management. Designed specifically for government contractors, Deltek Costpoint supports compliance requirements like DFARS 252.242-7005, NIST 800-171 and CMMC, while enabling the improvement of operational efficiency and gaining real-time insights that impact project-based businesses.

Cybersecurity frameworks are another method that provides us with well-defined objectives and a way to measure the delivery of required security controls. They are also an excellent mechanism for Deltek Project Nation to understand our products’ security and compliance levels. Evaluating our products through internal assessments and third-party audits using common cybersecurity frameworks illustrates how our customers can meet these compliance obligations using our solutions.

These regular reviews and audits demonstrate that our controls are effective and that we are committed to continually investing in security and compliance activities to support the complex security environment, keep our data safe and give customers peace of mind.

Connecting With Deltek Project Nation

Meeting our customers’ security and compliance needs through our products is just part of being a trusted advisor. Deltek recently participated in several cybersecurity-related events where our team had the opportunity to interact with our community on the collective importance of cybersecurity and how it impacts everything we do.

Last month at the National Cyber Summit, Deltek’s VP of Product for Cloud, Compliance, and Security, Chris Knight, hosted a discussion on navigating the cybersecurity compliance landscape. His presentation included details on how attendees can prepare their business moving forward, such as:

  • Why cybersecurity is becoming more important for government contractors
  • What the federal government is doing about the increased threats
  • How to translate the cybersecurity “alphabet soup”

When asked about attending Knight said, “It was exciting to return to the National Cyber Summit. When we spend time with the local community and businesses in Huntsville, we walk away more informed. The importance of this event can’t be underestimated by the government contracting community. Educating yourself and your firm and staying up to date on the latest tech are critical for a company’s cyber strategy.”

In addition, many members of Deltek’s government contracting team were invited to participate in a CMMC Huntsville Day, hosted by NeoSystems, LLC. This event offered an opportunity for the local community to discuss cybersecurity and audit best practices with government contractors and fellow industry experts. As part of this day-long event, Chris Knight moderated a panel discussion focused on Solution Paths to Assessment Readiness.

Deltek also recently sponsored Uniting Women in Cyber, where Chris Womack, Senior Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance, participated in the panel session: An Inclusive Workforce: Unlocking Mindsets to Harness Cyber Talent. The UWIC '22 "Stronger Together" theme highlighted workforce advancement and security from both industry and government perspectives. While the sessions covered the benefits of including non-traditional talent and the importance of psychological safety, panel members also discussed government agencies and leading industry cybersecurity agendas.

Delivering on Our Security & Compliance Commitment

For nearly 40 years, Deltek has delivered scalable software and information solutions that grow and adapt to a project-based business’s needs. We are dedicated to building solutions that make it easier for you to meet your compliance needs and investing in these initiatives so that we can keep pace with the ever-changing cybersecurity environment, both now and for years to come.

As your partner, Deltek offers a platform and approach to security predicated on protecting everything, simplifying the complex, modernizing through purposeful innovation, and building trust with our customers. 

As we look to the future, we will continue to uphold our unwavering commitment to information security through our specialized team of certified and experienced cybersecurity professionals who deliver superior information security capabilities to Deltek Project Nation.

To learn more about Deltek’s commitment to security and compliance, visit our Security and Trust Center.