What's New in Maconomy 2.6.1?

November 29, 2022
Regan Riddoch
Director of Product Marketing
What's New in Maconomy 2.6.1?

Maconomy is a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with deep functionality that integrates your entire business and gives you the transparency you need to make better decisions for growth. With the latest release, Deltek delivers on the promise to make Maconomy work better for you by applying valuable enhancements that vastly improve user experience with a modern and simple user interface. With the release of version 2.6.1, we continue to deliver a more modern look and feel and usability enhancements to the Maconomy solution.

Modernized User Interface

A modern user interface facilitates the effective interaction between the user and the product and goes a long way to improving the user’s experience. Both of which are crucial components of Maconomy’s ability to make every user’s daily responsibilities easier to accomplish.

Beginning with the release of Maconomy 2.6 earlier this year, release 2.6.1 continues to apply a new visually appealing look to the Maconomy web client giving users a more modern experience that is more user friendly.

  Maconomy Modern User Interface

Support for Maconomy CRM in the Web Client

Maconomy’s CRM module is the gateway to important information about your prospects, customers, and business partners. In our effort to simplify the day-to-day responsibilities of every user, Maconomy now supports basic CRM functionality within the Web Client. With the release of version 2.6.1, any Business Development user will now have easier access to manage your pipeline of incoming work, individual opportunities and the contacts associated.

  Maconomy CRM

Enhanced Time Sheet Overview

For businesses that price projects and monitor costs based on hours, the ability to submit and approve time sheets quickly and efficiently is critical. In previous versions of Maconomy, the time sheet overview provided an overview of employees’ time sheets, but a supervisor had to go to the approval center to approve them. With the release of version 2.6.1, supervisors can save time by approving or rejecting time sheets in the Time Sheet Overview workspace and in the time sheet wizard. Supervisors also now have access to employees’ historical time sheets regardless of employee revisions.

  Maconomy Time Sheet Overview

Web Client Usability Enhancements

As mentioned previously, usability is a crucial component of Maconomy’s ability to help users accomplish their daily tasks more efficiently. In this latest release, a new native Refresh Action is available in all workspaces, and replaces the need to refresh the browser, which was slow and not user-friendly.

Additionally, users could previously only work with multiple workspaces in separate browser tabs. The new Recent Places menu now enables users to switch between the last three recently used workspaces, making it easier to navigate back and forth between often-used places within the product.

  Maconomy Recent Places

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