Simplify Expenses and Streamline Payroll with the Latest Release of Ajera

September 08, 2021
Ellen Keeley
Product Director

Simpler expense reports, payroll enhancements and improved integrations are just a few examples of what’s new in the latest release of Ajera. Read more to learn about the new features included in Ajera 9.6 and how your teams can take advantage of these features today.

Capture Expense Receipts Faster

Simplify expenses and improve accuracy with a new way to capture expenses in Deltek Expense for Ajera app. The latest release of Ajera leverages Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to read printed and handwritten text on receipts to quickly capture expenses from anywhere.  Users can simply take a picture of their receipt and a new expense line will automatically be created with most of the fields already filled in. Users can then either create a new expense report or associate that line item with an existing expense report. Either way, there’s no longer the need to keep track of that receipt.

Deltek Expense for Ajera


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Payroll Enhancements

If you are using in-house payroll, recent enhancements provide additional flexibility with payroll accruals for your teams. With the latest release, you can manage employee PTO balances more easily with the new Cap at Limit accrual option, in addition to the Per Year Limit option. This added flexibility eliminates the need for manual processes, provides up-to-date insight on accrual balances and increases the accuracy of accruals in the system.

Ajera Payroll

Improved Integration with Vantagepoint CRM

For companies using Ajera and Vantagepoint CRM, it’s easier than ever to better monitor pursuits and probability with the enhanced integration. Not every project follows the standard opportunity lifecycle and now, you can enter a project in Ajera and sync the project to Vantagepoint CRM for use in future proposals. For pursuits created in Vantagepoint CRM, opportunity details will sync to Ajera’s Business Development Phase to monitor pursuit development. These improvements will save users time and eliminate the need for duplicate data entry.

Vantagepoint CRM Integration

Integration Enhancements with Deltek PIM

For companies with Ajera integrated with Deltek PIM, integration enhancements now sync key project team members and project status with PIM. This seamless integration eliminates the need for duplicate data entry in both systems.