Make Smarter and Faster Decisions with Vantagepoint Intelligence

September 01, 2021
Ellen Keeley
Product Director

Do your executives and project managers have the information they need to make effective decisions? Is that information up to date, reliable and easily understood? It is important that businesses are able to use their Vantagepoint data to make informed decisions through visually compelling dashboards to help inform and ultimately aid in effective decision making. These compelling visualizations differ between companies, so you need a tool that allows you to create custom dashboards to provide the right information to the right people within your business.

Vantagepoint Intelligence provides an at-a-glance summary of the data important to your business so you can establish and monitor corporate goals, as well as identify when you need to proactively respond to changing conditions.

Vantagepoint Intelligence

Vantagepoint Intelligence Desktop Tool

Vantagepoint Intelligence uses Tableau, a leading choice for modern business intelligence, to power the Vantagepoint Intelligence Desktop Tool. This powerful tool makes creating visualizations as simple as dragging and dropping from your list of available data onto the worksheet. Using the customization options for types of visualization, colors, size and tooltips, you control every aspect of how the detail is presented.

Vantagepoint Intelligence

Select from a list of layout options to easily change how the data is displayed.

Vantagepoint Intelligence

Data Available

Meaningful business intelligence is only as good as the source of the data. Vantagepoint Intelligence supports two data sources:

  • The Vantagepoint SQL Database: This data always contains the complete set of your current Vantagepoint data giving you unlimited access. This choice does require the SQL knowledge to access that data within Vantagepoint Intelligence. For example, you may have a user-defined hub to manage fleet vehicles that tracks project assignments. You could create visualizations of where those vehicles are assigned based on project location.  
  • Analysis Cubes: This provides a summarized, multi-dimensional view into your project and accounting data. This data is updated nightly -- at a minimum -- with current Vantagepoint data.

Multi-Dimensional Data with Analysis Cubes

With analysis cubes, you control the information presented ensuring that the right level of information is delivered to the right people to help them focus on what matters most.

  • Select from available measures (numeric or quantitative data) and dimensions (names, dates, geographic data) to ensure the information presented is relative to your business.
  • Create custom key performance indicators important to your business with specified goals for specified time periods and records to drive company health and monitor progress. For example, you may have a default goal for your net revenue per year, but you also can specify goals per project manager allowing you to meaningfully track project manager performance for the year.
  • Create customized measures if the list of available measures doesn’t hit the mark.
Vantagepoint Intelligence

Easy to Access Viewing from within Vantagepoint

The worksheets and dashboards that you create in Vantagepoint Intelligence can be displayed within Vantagepoint’s main dashboards ensuring that there is one source of valuable information for your users. 

Vantagepoint Intelligence

While Vantagepoint offers native dashboard functionality with the ability to create dashboards and dashparts, you may want more control of those visuals or interactions like custom drilling or require access to different sets of Vantagepoint data or need more advanced predictive analytics.  Vantagepoint Intelligence is the answer. 

With Vantagepoint Intelligence, your business can establish and monitor goals, watch trends and predict future outcomes, allowing you to determine which areas are thriving and which areas are at risk. With interactive business intelligence, your teams will have the data they need from across the business at their fingertips so they can make proactive decisions about the business before it’s too late.