Delivering on Customer Needs with General Enhancements in the Latest Deltek Vantagepoint Release

February 29, 2024
Brent Johnson
Brent Johnson
Product Director
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The latest release of Deltek Vantagepoint is packed with high-value general enhancement features that meet the needs of all users. Many of these enhancements come from popular ideas in our Deltek Idea Portal. Below you will find a video that demonstrates the power of your ideas coming to life and a written summary for each enhancement that you can share with your teams.


  • Dark Mode – users that prefer dark mode in their applications can now enjoy the new Dark Mode theme in Vantagepoint
  • Files Administration – with each release, we continue to move closer to eliminating the desktop interface and this release allows users to search for any file stream document from within the browser interface.
  • Required Field Enhancements – one of the most popular ideas in 2023, required fields have been updated to stand out and be more easily identifiable

“The 'required fields' color/asterisk improvements is a huge improvement as is the new dark mode! The 'active only' toggle is also a quick win on efficiency for our team.”

– Corey Parham, Business Insights Group Manager, aeSolutions

  • Reset Password Security Update – ensuring good security hygiene is a top priority with Vantagepoint, and this feature delivers best practice for password resets to ensure all open sessions are shut down when a user changes their password
  • Approval Workflow Assignment Improvements – Vantagepoint 6.5 delivers on an important internal control and longstanding ask of preventing approvers from approving their own expenses, timesheets and other records
  • API Expansion for AP Invoice Approvals – expanding and enhancing Vantagepoint’s API stack is critically important for integrating with Vantagepoint and now companies have full access to the AP Invoice Approvals application through the API
  • Active Only Toggle for Quick Find – A wonderful efficiency setting, the active only toggle clears away inactive record clutter from the Quick Find control in all applications
  • Field Finder – Time is important to everyone, and with the field finder in the Vantagepoint hubs you no longer need to waste time looking for a field – you can let Vantagepoint find it for you.

“I love all of the features to improve usability! Dark mode is my favorite! Field finder is a great addition, allowing everyone to search for a specific field. It will also help new hires who are trying to find things.”

– Rylie Cook, Deltek ERP Administrator, EXP Services



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