Empower Project Managers to Do More with Vantagepoint Dashboards

December 07, 2021
Ellen Keeley
Product Director

Vantagepoint Dashboards empower project managers by giving them quick and easy access to project information all in one place. With the latest release of Vantagepoint, dashboards now provide increased opportunity to engage and empower your project managers (PM) by providing more information they need to get their job done efficiently right from their dashboard.

Easily Monitor Accounts Receivables

Project managers are often asked to help manage outstanding receivables on their projects. With the introduction of a new Accounts Receivables (AR) Detail base, PMs can manage their outstanding project invoices directly from a dashpart and quickly navigate to the Project Hub if they need to take action.  This base provides detail for all invoices, cash receipts and credit memos. With the dashpart designer, you can slice and dice this information to meet your company’s needs. 

With the powerful dashpart designer, teams can view the receivables detail at any level needed – down to the transaction level or summarized by invoice, project or client.  PMs can apply filters to the dashpart to show just the information needed.  For example, if your PMs just need to view invoices that are not fully paid, simply add the Invoice Fully Paid column to your dashpart and filter to unchecked.

Vantagepoint Dashboards

Drill to Detail for Direct and Reimbursables

In the latest Vantagepoint release, project managers can easily drill down to view details charged to the project for any direct or reimbursable consultant or expense amounts. This drill-through recognizes any date ranges applied to the dashpart and only reports detail for that date range. This view is the same view available in the Project Hub’s Project Review providing a consistent and easily understandable views into project details


"The drill down function is great! They can get to the details when they want them without navigating away from the dashboard."

– Pamela Signor, Farnsworth Group, Inc.


Vantagepoint Dashboard

Get Started Quickly with the Easy-to-Use Dashpart Designer

With the new predefined dashparts, dashboard designers have the perfect starting place to begin using this new base.  Predefined dashparts include a dashpart for AR Unpaid Detail, AR Aging and Receipts – this month.   

Additionally, dashboard designers can create percent-type calculated fields. Users have shared they create custom calculations for a variety of metrics – from employee utilization to the firm’s calculation for project profit percent. Now you can create those calculations and correctly view on chart and table dashparts.

Vantagepoint Dashboard

If you are an administrator, we highly encourage you to take advantage of these new features in Vantagepoint dashboards to make it even easier for project managers to find the information they need to manage their projects all in one place – dashboards!