Now Available: Launch Care to Support Small and Mid-sized Businesses Upgrading from Deltek Vision to Deltek Vantagepoint

June 27, 2022
Amanda de Jong
Senior Manager, Consulting

Deltek proudly supports thousands of small to mid-sized companies to help tackle their daily business challenges and fuel their growth opportunities. With our industry-specific software like Deltek Vantagepoint for architecture & engineering and consulting firms, our goal is to help users maximize productivity and utilize software that easily adapts with the needs of growing businesses. Being the global standard for project-based companies, Deltek helps small to mid-sized businesses while reducing IT costs to deliver quick value so customers are ready for growth at the most critical point in time.

If you’re like many other Deltek Visions customers, you’re planning your upgrade to Deltek Vantagepoint. Hundreds of companies have already upgraded Deltek Vantagepoint for the modern interface, reimagined features, more powerful and flexible user-defined components, rich graphical dashboards and analytics, and so much more.

With any upgrade, the process can take time and resources but we’re excited to announce that Deltek now offers additional assistance to support your upgrade for customers in North America. The new, all-inclusive Deltek Vantagepoint Upgrade Launch Care program streamlines the implementation and onboarding experience for businesses with 250 employees or less who are upgrading to Deltek Vantagepoint. Through our Quick Launch proven methodology of best practices consulting, support and project management, this hybrid approach of consulting services and a dedicated Launch Care team will ensure a smooth and successful upgrade.

The Deltek Vantagepoint Upgrade Launch Care program is focused on improving the entire implementation experience, tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of small to mid-sized companies who are upgrading to Deltek Vantagepoint. We’ve taken our successful Quick Launch offering, which is an out-of-the box, low-cost, consulting services package and combine that with resources across multiple Deltek teams to bring solution expertise, product training and support services. With this packaged solution we are able to improve delivery efficiency while giving customers the important tools needed to streamline the implementation experience. This means accelerating the upgrade timeline with tailored planning, configuration testing, customer support and more to get your project go-live on the right path on day one.

Here are some of the benefits of Deltek Vantagepoint Upgrade Launch Care program:

  • An accelerated upgrade timeline
  • Leveraging Deltek’s proven methodology, which reduces risk by taking advantage of established templates and documentation
  • A dedicated team of consultants committed to the successful upgrade of Vision users to Vantagepoint for small businesses
  • A program-specific Learning Path in the Deltek Learning Zone, our product training platform
  • Virtual instructor-led and self-guided training options to accelerate product knowledge
  • Workflow-based training and testing plans
  • Stabilization period post go-live where you will continue to interact with the same Launch Care team through Customer Care support cases


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By choosing Deltek as your trusted partner on this journey, Deltek Vantagepoint Upgrade Launch Care will help your organization avoid the typical challenges of identifying additional resources and finding the right time to begin the upgrade process. Between our team of Deltek Global Consulting experts with over 40 years of experience, product training professionals and highly qualified customer support analysts, we’ll help accelerate your Deltek Vantagepoint upgrade to get up and running quickly and fast-track taking advantage of the amazing benefits of this industry-leading solution.

Let our team of Launch Care experts help you accelerate product implementation to deliver immediate business value and achieve results faster. To learn more about the Deltek Vantagepoint Upgrade Launch Care program, contact our Launch Care team to get started.


About the Author

Amanda de Jong is a Senior Manager at Deltek working in the Global Consulting division. She currently oversees both the Ajera and Vantagepoint Launch Care Consulting teams. Amanda has over 12 years’ experience in the A&E and technology industries working first in accounting, then software consulting, and most recently leadership roles. Prior to managing consulting teams at Deltek, Amanda fulfilled consulting roles for 8+ years. Amanda graduated from The University of Toledo with a Business Administration degree in Finance.