Automate to Collaborate: Transform Project Team Dynamics with Deltek Specpoint

August 31, 2023
Denise McDaniel
Product Marketing Manager
Transform Project Team Dynamics with Deltek Specpoint

Delivering building projects involves managing a diverse team of individuals, a task that becomes challenging when it comes to coordinating their efforts to meet project objectives. The considerable time and effort invested in projects often is compounded due to the absence of a unified point of reference for identifying and implementing changes to the project. Add to this, the iterative nature of the design process, requiring adaptable construction specifications throughout this creative process. In the end, the success of construction projects hinges upon the team’s collaborative abilities. This blog is the third in a series of five posts that will explore the top benefits your firm will gain by using technology to automate the construction specifications process. Let’s explore how Deltek Specpoint deploys collaborative tools that offer clear insight into project specifications so the team can easily adjust their approach in the face of shifting design choices, all the while safeguarding project timelines.


“60% Architecture and Engineering firms identified collaboration with the design team and completing the specs package as a top challenge.”

44th Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Study


Leverage a Single Source of Truth to Improve Collaboration

Due to the number of team members involved in building projects, maintaining synchronization with project deliverables is challenging. Think of how much time your teams would save if you had a single platform for all participants to exchange updates, track modifications, and collectively shape comprehensive specifications for the project manual. Having a streamlined approach to collaborating not only reduces the time invested, but also alleviates frustration across the team, resulting in a more efficient and unified project development journey. Therefore, it is crucial to implement tools that offer team members a centralized repository of project information, serving as the sole point of reference for project details. The absence of a unified source of truth often leads to wasted time and effort due to the absence of a consistent platform for identifying and implementing project modifications. Deltek Specpoint delivers a collaborative specification platform that unifies internal and external project team members, to easily collaborate and iterate on construction specifications to deliver successful projects.


“71% of Architects and Contractors recognize that collaborating earlier in a project will lead to better outcomes for a client.”

AIA The Architect’s Journey to Specification 2022 Report


Drive Collaboration with Specpoint Automation

Deltek Specpoint empowers all project participants to collaborate and establish a single source of truth for project specifications. This eliminates scattered information and disconnected project teams. Specpoint connects all project team members in a collaborative environment with many features including:

  • Project Research Map: Gain insight into A&E firms’ past and ongoing projects by enabling users to burrow into multiple layers of data to research the projects’ specified assemblies, products, and materials to provide collaborative insights from your peers and their projects.
  • Project Overview: Explore project information, design progress, and identify team members which enable you to easily understand the context of the project without needing to dig into the project workspace giving you pertinent project information at your fingertips.
  • Design Progress: Delivers a comprehensive view of the design status for each element of the project, see which team members are working on project components, and easily navigate to the project workspace to streamline workflows.
  • Track Changes: Seamlessly track changes to view modifications to specification content and collaborate with other users on each change to enhance project communication and improve project deliverables.
  • Project Notes: Add a project note to a project or a specific project element to provide additional context to support decisions and enhance team collaboration.
  • Contributor User: Collaborate with all project stakeholders for better connected teams to enhance project deliverables with more visibility to specifications throughout the project lifecycle, while minimizing risk due to miscommunications.

Easily identify project team members by discipline and status of design progress using Specpoint’s Project Overview.

Specpoint: A Centralized Collaboration Platform

In the complex landscape of construction projects, the value of project teams collaborating through a single source of truth cannot be overstated. Specpoint delivers a unified approach that serves as the foundation of efficient project execution, ensuring team members are on the same page and working towards a shared vision through transparent collaboration. This industry-leading software solutions’ collaboration capabilities redefine how project teams approach construction specifications. By providing a centralized platform for accurate information sharing and real-time collaboration, it empowers project teams to deliver successful outcomes efficiently and collaboratively.


Deltek Specpoint

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