The Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2023 in the Government Contracting Market

October 27, 2022
Carey Webster
Carey Webster
Senior Director, Research
Top Federal Opps 2023

The beginning of the new fiscal year is an exciting time for federal government contractors. It’s a chance to make a fresh start, to focus on growth, and to pursue some of the numerous, lucrative business opportunities offered by various federal government agencies.

Each year, the Federal Market Analysis team from GovWin – the leader in government contracting market intelligence – compiles a series of thought-leadership webinars and corresponding reports that cover the key opportunities to do business with the government in the upcoming fiscal year. This year, we’re excited to bring that to the government contracting community with our Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2023 series.


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This year’s edition of those reports and webinars include analysis of the top 20 unrestricted opportunities, the top 10 set-aside opportunities, the top 10 professional services opportunities, and the top 10 architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) opportunities in the federal market. In this article we’ll outline some of those trends and share what to expect from our Top Opportunities webinars and reports.

Government Contracting Spending Trends Across the Top Opportunities

Deltek’s research has found that while federal government spending has continued to remain stable or grow in many sectors, consolidation has continued to be a major factor in the federal government, particularly in the cases of government-wide contracts such as those managed by the General Services Administration (GSA). As spending remains high, the number of opportunities for businesses to serve as primes on major opportunities decreases, it will become increasingly important for government sellers to research and properly identify the best-fit opportunities.

Deltek’s Top Opportunities series is designed to help government contractors identify those best-fit opportunities and use them as a bellwether for where the contracting market is headed. The Top Opportunities reports and webinars are produced on an annual basis by the Deltek Federal Market Analysis team and leverage data drawn from Deltek’s GovWin IQ database of federal government contracting opportunities. The list of opportunities considered for the top 50 have estimated solicitation dates in FY 2023 and are selected by Deltek’s team of expert analysts based on either the total expected contract value or the anticipated ceiling value.

Below, we have assembled a high-level overview of this analysis that may help your business get a head start on one or more of these top federal opportunities – whichever industry your company serves.

Unrestricted Federal Opportunities

Unrestricted federal opportunities are available to the broadest group of contractors. These federal opportunities may last for multiple years, be available to multiple providers of goods and services, and be worth a significant amount of potential contracting revenue. It is worth paying attention to unrestricted federal opportunities even if your business does not plan on competing to get on the contract. The highest-profile federal procurements often go a long way towards shaping the broader federal government contracting market.

While all of the top 20 unrestricted opportunities are worth billions of dollars, our research identified the top three as the OASIS Plus Multi Agency Contract (OASIS+) from GSA, Community Care Network Next Generation (CCN) from Veterans Affairs, and Alliant 3 from GSA.

Federal Set-Aside Opportunities

The federal government aims to set aside a significant amount of its overall prime contracting dollars for businesses who fit into one of several set-aside categories. And just because a company fits into the category of a small business, or is qualified as an 8(a) business, does not mean they aren’t able to get in on some of the major contracting opportunities. The top 10 federal set-aside opportunities for FY 2023 total tens of billions of dollars in value, are associated with several different federal agencies, and are tied to a variety of industry categories, with the majority in Health Services or Professional Services.

Deltek’s research identified a Department of Defense contract vehicle as the top overall federal set-aside opportunity for FY 2023: Medical Q Coded Support and Services Next Generation Small Business (MQS2-NG).

Professional Services Opportunities

The market for professional services firms to do business in the public sector is continually growing – spending in this area has risen each year from FY 2018 to FY 2021. Some of the more popular industry sub-categories within the professional services space include management consulting, human resources, personnel services, finance, and insurance. The top professional services opportunities that our Federal Market Analysis team identified have ties to several of these categories.

Overall, the top federal professional services opportunity was by far the OASIS Plus Multi-Agency Contract (OASIS+) coming from the GSA, which you can learn more about in this complimentary guide.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Opportunities

Whether it’s the design of a new government building or the renovation of a major roadway, there is no shortage of ways that federal government contractors can grow their revenue by targeting major architecture, engineering, and construction opportunities. The overall pool of these types of contracts in the federal space is vast and contains ties to several different federal agencies, many of them from defense.

The top AEC opportunity expected in FY 2023 was identified as the National Multiple Award Construction Contract III (NMACC III), which comes from the Department of Homeland Security.

Next Steps for Government Contractors

After identifying the top opportunities available in federal government contracting, and determining which of those might be a good fit for your business… what comes next?

If your company is targeting federal unrestricted, set-aside, professional services, or AEC opportunities, and they are preparing to pursue one or more of these top opportunities in the coming fiscal year, you may want to arm yourself with the following information:

  • Spending trends within your target markets
  • Procurement patterns anticipated for the coming year
  • Detailed intelligence to help you build a strong pipeline

Want to hear directly from GovWin’s federal market experts on how these trends and opportunities may affect your business? You can find out more by signing up for our complimentary webinar series, now available on demand.


Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2023

With the Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2023

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