Three Great Things You Need to Know about Hey Deltek

July 26, 2019

Deltek is defining purposeful innovation with our new Hey Deltek feature. So, what exactly is purposeful innovation? Well, it is innovating with the purpose of making a process or task easier, more efficient, or more enjoyable for someone else.

How does Hey Deltek help make my life easier?

  1. With Vantagepoint, a user can ask Hey Deltek to create a contact named Julian Holmes and we’ll create the contact record no matter where the user was in the system.
  2. In addition, you can use Hey Deltek to set up reminder activities. Just ask Hey Deltek to remind me to call Suzanne Green on Friday at 2 p.m. and we’ll add a reminder for you.
  3. If you are newer to the system, or just haven’t had your coffee yet and you need to open a project record. Just ask Hey Deltek - "Can you open the project named Livingston Market Analysis?" and we’ll promptly pull up your record.

What does this mean to me?

I’m a numbers gal and while the promise of saving time sounds great, what are we really talking about here?  Let’s look at some examples.

Quickly add a new lead:

Let’s estimate that any sales representative for your company adds 15 new leads a week and works 48 weeks out of the year. That’s 720 new leads per sales rep per year. Let’s assume on average it takes 90 seconds to create a new lead by navigating away from your current task and typing in the lead info. That’s 18 hours of simply entering data into your system!

With Hey Deltek any user can simply type or say “Create new lead Thomas Major.” Let’s estimate the whole process including saving the lead takes about 15 seconds. So a savings of 75 seconds per lead, which in turn is saving each sales rep 15 hours a year of manual data entry! Now multiply that across your entire sales team and imagine what you could do with those extra hours!


Simplify creating a reminder

Maybe you don’t have a sales team, but surely you have a need to create reminders. We are accustomed to creating reminders from our phones “Hi Siri or OK Google remind me to…” Why not give your users the same luxury?

Let’s estimate that an employee creates three reminders each day and each reminder takes two minutes to pull up your reminder app, fill in the subject, select the date, time, and type of reminder. Using the assumed 48 weeks of work a year that equates to 24 hours per year simply creating the reminders to do something (sheesh!).

With Hey Deltek, it takes about 15 seconds to create a reminder and save the activity. That’s a savings of 21 hours per year, per user who is creating a mere three reminders a day. If you apply this to your entire team the time savings could be what sets you apart from your competitors.


Why purposeful innovation?

When we began researching how and what we wanted to deliver to our users, there was always a focus on making sure we were not innovating, just to say we were innovative. With headlines today filled with new technology at our fingertips, it was insanely important that we don’t get distracted by the “shiny new toys” so to speak. Innovation can be a truly magical thing when paired with simplifying processes or tasks, however it can be a small blip in the radar of life if it’s just cool.

We believe in the longevity of innovation when there is true user adoption. To get user adoption, you need to have a value proposition that not only attracts the users to try and use it, but keeps them hooked because completing their daily tasks is easier, faster or more enjoyable with this innovation.

Hey Deltek was built on these beliefs and that is why the first version allows user to complete basic tasks by talking to the system or typing in an IM like chat window accessible from anywhere within Vantagepoint. 

What should I look for?

So when you are looking for either your first product or a new product to take your business to the next level, take notice of the small things. Realize each click matters and the minutes and the seconds add up over time. Choose a product that has put understanding their customer’s processes at the core of innovation and made streamlining processes and the user experience a cornerstone of their business.

I hope you’ll take some time to learn more about Hey Deltek and Vantagepoint and join us for one of our solution events for either the Consulting industry or A&E industry.


About the Author

As Senior Product Manager at Deltek, Sarah is responsible for creating products that people want to use. She leans on nearly a decade of experience in sales, consulting and product management to craft products that fulfill the needs of our clients and delight their employees.