Team Deltek’s Megan Miller Shares Her Passion for Deltek Vantagepoint, Clarity and the A&E Industry

May 12, 2021

In this month’s #TeamDeltek spotlight, we had the opportunity to chat with Megan Miller about her evolving marketing career, supporting the A&E industry and being a passionate Deltek thought leader.


For more than a decade, Megan Miller served as a marketing coordinator for an architecture and engineering (A&E) firm that used Deltek's industry-specific products every day. Since then, she has been passionate about helping project-based businesses leverage their Deltek solutions and collaborating with others in the Deltek community – especially at Deltek’s annual Insight conference. 

When an opportunity arose for Megan to leverage her product knowledge, industry intelligence and marketing experience to advocate for Deltek solutions on a global scale, it was a career opportunity she just couldn't pass up. 

Empowering Users with Deltek Solutions

In 2014, Megan joined Deltek as a senior specialist on the Product Marketing team, based in Dayton, Ohio. For the past seven years, her role has continued to grow and evolve. From initially supporting Deltek Vision, to now leading all product marketing efforts for Deltek’s Vantagepoint, Ajera and Project Information Management (PIM) solutions, Megan plays a vital role in the organization’s success.

As a product marketer, it’s her job to be an evangelist for the Deltek products she supports. Megan keeps Deltek’s customers informed of what’s planned in upcoming releases and aware of how these features and functionality can help their business. She educates #TeamDeltek on our A&E products and ensures our teams are all sharing the same message – through either direct communications, Customer Town HallsProduct User Community blog posts or presentations at industry events.

When asked about Deltek Vantagepoint and what makes it so valuable to the A&E industry, Megan responded, “Vantagepoint gets better and more powerful with every release. Now users can easily connect with Outlook, digitally markup invoices and get greater insight into their business making companies more digital, more efficient and more effective. It’s exciting to see more and more firms leveraging Vantagepoint to nurture client relationships, manage projects, streamline cash flow and monitor the business.”  

While Megan has always been an advocate of Deltek’s industry-specific solutions, she is also a huge fan of working with Deltek Project Nation. Highlighting, “The people are definitely the best part, and while that may seem cliché, it’s true. I have the opportunity to work with many different co-workers and customers around the world and I work with people who genuinely care about each other. I also enjoy collaborating with people to solve problems because working through a challenge and developing a solution gets me excited − especially if it alleviates a pain point for one of our teams or our customers.”

Megan Miller TeamDeltek

Bringing Clarity to the A&E Industry

In addition to her product marketing role, Megan also serves as an industry thought leader for the Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Report, an annual benchmark and trends report that gives the A&E industry a glimpse into how the industry is performing on key performance indicators and how their firm compares to other firms like theirs.

Deltek Clarity focuses on the business of running an architecture and engineering company, rather than focusing on industry trends − getting into the critical metrics that companies can use to help make informed decisions about their project-based business. This report is also a service to the A&E industry, and our collaboration with key industry associations including AIA, ACEC, ACEC Canada and SMPS helps us ensure that we are tracking the right metrics and focusing on the right trends. In recent years, Megan has also been involved in expanding the Clarity report to the EMEA and APAC to capture key insights in other regions.

Since 2015, Megan has focused on refining the Clarity report data, helping determine if new survey questions are needed based on what’s happening in the industry; along with data analysis to determine why some metrics may be changing or some KPIs are staying the same. A key part of her responsibility is delivering the results, whether that is part of a webinar series or at industry events; Megan helps companies not only see what the benchmarks are, but how they can use those benchmarks to improve their own business.

 “Deltek Clarity is one of my favorite projects, and anyone who works with me will tell you I am very passionate about it. The results are intriguing because you can see the interdependencies between KPIs and look for trends in the metrics to see if they align with what is happening in the industry,” replied Megan when asked what interests her most about working on Clarity each year.

The Clarity report is also a catalyst for conversations that she has with industry leaders, customers and even non-Deltek users looking for ways to make their A&E firms better. Sharing, “It’s exciting to see new businesses get introduced to Deltek Clarity each year and talk to people who have used the Clarity results for decades. Witnessing their passion for Clarity reinforces why Deltek delivers these insights and how it continues to be an essential resource in the A&E industry.”

Proud to be Part of #TeamDeltek

One thing Megan admires the most about working at Deltek is the passion #TeamDeltek has for its customers. Seeing her colleagues across the company work tirelessly to support customers and listen to their feedback shows that it's a part of who they are, not just a job they do. Having been a customer previously, it was one of the things she appreciated most and knows many other customers value too.

When asked about what makes Deltek such a great place to work, Megan didn’t hesitate in responding, “I have been fortunate to work with genuine and authentic individuals and have had the opportunity to engage with employees of all levels across the organization. Even though Deltek is a large company, it doesn’t feel that way. When your teams care about you as a person and want the best for you in your career, it makes coming to work all that much better.”

While this time of year Megan is extremely busy, especially with the latest Deltek Vantagepoint release and the Deltek Clarity global A&E industry reports launching next month, her family keeps her busy too. Outside the office, you can usually find Megan watching sports or enjoying the outdoors. With two girls (Natalie, 12 and Savannah, 8) that are very active in sports, much of her time is spent on the sidelines of various fields and courts cheering on her favorite athletes.

Megan and her family are also very passionate about the U.S. National Parks, setting a goal to visit as many national parks as they can – often traveling in their RV. In the last 15 years, they have been to more than 65 national parks and sites in 18 states. From walking through a volcano crater in Hawaii and hiking through Arches National Park in Utah to exploring Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and the waterfalls in Yosemite National Park, they’ve seen some amazing places and can’t wait to visit the rest.

To wrap up our interview, Megan shared what she loves most about being part of #TeamDeltek, “The A&E industry is fascinating to me – the projects they design and the people working on those projects. Working at Deltek allows me to stay connected to the industry and advocate for better ways to run their businesses with not only our products, but also through Deltek Clarity and other thought leadership opportunities. Being able to combine my passion for the industry with my confidence in the Deltek suite of solutions for A&E firms keeps me motivated every day.”


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