Improve Cash Flow, Enhance Business Analytics and Streamline Business Processes with Latest Vantagepoint Release

April 19, 2021
Megan Miller
Director of Product Marketing

Advanced business analytics, streamlined billing and invoicing, improved project visibility, seamless business development and enhanced security are just a few examples of improvements in the latest release of Vantagepoint with something for every user.

Over the next several weeks, the Deltek product management team will deliver an in-depth look at some of the recent new features and enhancements that will make it easier to deliver better projects, create more accurate invoices and analyze business performance. Here’s an overview of some of the new features and enhancements your company can look forward to with Vantagepoint 4.0.

Vantagepoint Connect

Improve how you nurture clients and pursuits with the new Vantagepoint Connect Outlook Add-in, now available with Deltek Vantagepoint CRM. Business developers, marketers and project managers live in email and now it’s easier than ever to capture key client and business development data from Outlook. The contextual pane within Outlook makes it easy to see what’s happening with a particular client – recent meetings, active projects and more without leaving Outlook. This new feature eliminates duplicate entry, improves collaboration around clients and pursuits and makes it easier to schedule the right time to meet with key contacts. Vantagepoint Connect makes business development easier than ever.

Vantagepoint Connect

Digital Mark-Up for Draft Invoicing

Replace physical red lines with digital markups to reduce the time it takes to create accurate invoices and improve collaboration between project managers and accounting staff. Project managers can mark up, annotate and comment on draft invoices in Vantagepoint. This digital markup can eliminate physical markups and endless emails to update invoices and make it faster to visually see what may need to be updated before the final invoice is delivered.

Vantagepoint Digital Markup

Easily Match Credit Card Expenses

With the latest release of Vantagepoint, you can simplify expenses by automatically matching credit card charges with expense items. And, users can leverage this from their computer or directly through the Vantagepoint Time & Expense mobile app. This enhancement makes it easy for users to view credit card charges and easily add them to a new or existing expense report. Users will also benefit from seeing close matches and recommendations to correct any discrepancies in dates, amounts, etc. rather than starting from scratch. The new credit card match simplifies expenses by saving users time and improving accuracy so employees can get paid faster. 

Vantagepoint Time & Expense, Credit Card Matching

Advanced Business Intelligence

Your leaders can now make smarter, faster and more effective business decisions with the latest release of Vantagepoint Intelligence. Built on Tableau, you can gain deeper insight into your business, both past and future to make the right decisions at the right time for your business. Set clear goals and expectations across the business and then monitor the health and performance with real-time scrutiny to determine if you need to make changes or stay the course.

Vantagepoint Intelligence, powered by Tableau

Improved Project Status Visibility

Project managers can now easily view detailed labor and expense transactions from the dashboard, giving them quick and easy access to better project information. This eliminates the need for project managers to use separate processes and spreadsheets with greater insight into project details right from their dashboard.

Vantagepoint Dashboards

Focus on What Matters

Sometimes project managers and business leaders need to focus on what needs the most attention at the current time. Now, users can filter their dashboard based on additional criteria so they can look at one project or a subset of projects and dig into a particular challenge or highlight a specific bright spot in the business. This gives users the flexibility to quickly answer specific questions or analyze a group of projects without having to create new dashboards or run additional reports.

Vantagepoint Project Drilldown

Usability Improvements

One of the key drivers for Vantagepoint is ease of use. With the latest release, there are several usability enhancements that make it even simpler for users of all levels to find and manage their information. A few of these enhancements include biometric authentication for Vantagepoint mobile apps, “sounds the same” searching, iButtons in grids, unlimited record selection in search results and much more.

As you can see, the latest release is full of exciting new features and powerful enhancements to make finding, managing and delivering projects easier. We look forward to sharing more details about these features and more in the coming weeks. To learn more, be sure to check out the latest Vantagepoint Town Hall and you can also review the Vantagepoint 4.0 release notes for more details.