Streamline the Rehire Process with Deltek Talent Management

February 22, 2023
Regan Riddoch
Director of Product Marketing
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Deltek is a partner that understands project-based firms and their unique challenges. As such, we know that it is common to rehire former employees to staff incoming projects quickly with the right skills and experience. But too often the rehire process is filled with time-consuming manual data entry for the HR department which translates into a long and tedious experience for the employee and could cause project delays and unanticipated costs. The release of Deltek Talent Management 17.1 includes a number of new features and user experience enhancements to make the rehire process as efficient as possible.

We also know how valuable your time is, so this latest release introduces a new integration that automates data transfer and removes manual steps from the benefits administration process so that customers and their employees will benefit from a more efficient and seamless experience.  

Release Highlights

New Integrations

    Clarity Benefit Solutions

    If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that our employees’ health and wellbeing are a top priority. And we understand that the process of benefits administration, although it is a core part of providing the best employee experience, can be time consuming and labor intensive if it is managed outside of your Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.

    That’s why we’ve introduced an API integration with our Marketplace Partner, Clarity Benefit Solutions, that allows you to streamline the benefits administration process by pulling employee information from Core HR into the benefits administration platform, which saves you valuable time and avoids potential errors inherent with manual data reentry. Together, Clarity Benefit Solutions and Deltek Talent Management can help streamline the benefits administration process, save valuable time and provide your employees with a seamless experience.

    External Training

    A key part of optimizing resource planning is the ability to staff projects properly with employees who have the necessary training and certifications that the project requires. That’s why this release introduces two APIs that make it easier for you to leverage that information as part of your staffing process.

    The first API allows users to complete training in other platforms and have that information passed to the Learning module, making Deltek Talent Management the source of truth for all completed training. The second allows your ERP to pull external certifications information from Deltek Talent Management to ensure that Deltek Vantagepoint or Deltek Costpoint has the most up-to-date information regarding employees' certifications so that you can properly allocate them to the right projects.

Talent Framework

A crucial component of rehiring an employee involves accessing their previous offboarding information. In this release, we’re applying the feedback we’ve heard from our customers and introducing the ability for non-Core HR customers to navigate to a former employee’s Total Talent Profile from the View Offboarded User’s page via hyperlink. In addition, we are enabling the ability to edit an employee’s offboarding information to correct errors or mark a person eligible for rehire. 

Reassign Task

View Off-Boarded Users

Talent Core HR

We understand it can be quite time-consuming for Core HR administrators to input a large volume of historical data for existing employee records, so with this latest Deltek Talent Management release we are introducing the ability to bulk import employee historical information to save you valuable time and effort.


Onboarding is a crucial part of the employee experience, and as such it is important that it be as efficient as possible. In order to keep the process moving and provide the best onboarding experience possible, the new Onboarding Task Reassignment features in this release allow you to reassign onboarding tasks from someone who may be too busy to someone who can accomplish them quickly.

In addition, we’re introducing a pre-defined list of reasons for that reassignment, and an easier way to find a new employee to assign it to, which accelerates the process and ensures that the new hire can be allocated and billable as quickly as possible.

Reassign Task

Reassign Onboarding Tasks

Performance & Development

The Total Talent Profile (TTP) is an invaluable resource for managing important employee information. With so much information to be managed and referred to, the Overview tab of the TTP has become cumbersome. In this release, we have redesigned aspects of the TTP to bring more information while making it easier to manage. We have removed the Overview tab and broken out that information into three additional tabs separating Performance, Development and Learning. These tabs are visible dependent upon which modules you have purchased and how your site is configured.

Job Level Review Redesign

The TTP can now show separate tabs for Performance, Development and Learning


When it comes to learning content, there’s a direct correlation between how dynamic and digestible the content is, and the satisfaction of the employee’s experience. But it can be challenging for businesses that don’t necessarily have the resources to develop high-quality learning content that meets the needs of their employees. By adding support for MP4s in the Learning module, we’re making it easier for you to improve the employee experience by developing courses with video content as the E-Learning Standard.

In addition, this feature will not require an authoring tool to create video content and Admins will be able to select what percentage of the video the user must progress through in order for the course to be considered complete.

Deltek Reporting Tool (DRT)

Along with the new Onboarding Reassign Tasks feature, we are also introducing a new Onboarding Reassigned Tasks Standard Report in the DRT that gives users greater visibility into all tasks that have been reassigned, including audit log details.

Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ)

Finally, in this release we’re making it even easier to provide access to your company’s DLZ site. We’re removing the need for your company’s point of contact to generate a registration link for users to access the DLZ. Now that link is automatically generated and sent to the point of contact in an email that they can forward on to other users quickly and easily.


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