Streamline Pursuit Through Project Delivery with Improved CRM Integration

March 25, 2020
Ellen Keeley
Product Director

Closely connecting project pursuits with project management and delivery is key to meeting client expectations and the latest release of Ajera makes it easier. With Ajera 9.3, it’s easier to connect project, client, contact and employee information between Ajera and Vantagepoint CRM, giving you more time to manage your clients and project pursuits or opportunities.  By taking advantage of the new Vantagepoint APIs (application programming interface), users can sync more information with Ajera by including various list tables like Project Type, Client Type, Employee Type and Project Template from Ajera to Vantagepoint CRM.  This means less time maintaining information in two places and more time winning new work. 

If your company is using Ajera CRM, remember that Vantagepoint CRM is the next version of Ajera CRM that is easier to use and delivers greater visibility into your business. Once your company upgrades to the latest version of Vantagepoint CRM and is using Ajera 9.3, you can take advantage of the new Vantagepoint API to share more information between Ajera and Vantagepoint CRM.

To take advantage of all that Ajera 9.3 offers for your CRM integration, there are key steps you will need to complete. Note: once you upgrade to Vantagepoint CRM 3.0, you will want to complete the necessary steps prior to running the sync process post-upgrade.

Update Integration Settings

After upgrading to Ajera 9.3, update your Integration Settings for CRM under the integrations tab in Ajera. For specific instructions, please go to the Vantagepoint CRM help topic in the Ajera Learning Center.

Ajera 9.3 and CRM Integration Dashboard

View Synced Details on Dashboards

Ajera 9.3 and CRM Integration

You can use the Ajera dashboards to view and manage the list information shared between Ajera and Vantagepoint CRM. Ajera 9.3 provides you with a new widget gallery item for CRM List Sync Details Administration. You can use this dashboard to view and manage the mapped details for the four lists tables that are synced. 

Anyone who has designer security access to Ajera dashboards can simply browse the widget gallery and add these to an existing dashboard or create a new dashboard to view just the mapped list table information.

With Vantagepoint CRM and Ajera, you have the tools you need to effectively manage your projects from the first touch point to the final project close out.  Creating a seamless easy to manage interface between the two solutions is a high priority and the latest releases of Ajera and Vantagepoint CRM make this easier for users. You can expect to see more enhancements for this integration in upcoming releases.