Specpoint Release: Smart Reports and Ask Dela AI-Powered Digital Assistant

June 27, 2024
Denise McDaniel
Product Marketing Manager
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Deltek Specpoint, the home of the renowned AIA MasterSpec®, has unveiled an exciting update to its cutting-edge specification management software. Let's explore the major highlights of this release and how these new features empower users to enhance their specification workflows, supporting efficiency and precision.

Specpoint Smart Reports

Wouldn't it be a game-changer if the project submittal register could be automated and seamlessly synchronized with your specifications? Deltek Specpoint delivers on this front! The Smart Reports Submittal Register feature, part of Deltek Specpoint, the home of AIA MasterSpec, automates the generation of the submittal register, ensuring accuracy and eliminating data inconsistencies. This register enhances specification precision by minimizing discrepancies with project data natively integrated within the application, eliminating the need for error-prone imports. Design professionals can promptly access a highly accurate, on-demand list of project submittals, keeping projects on track and mitigating time-consuming requests for information (RFIs). Benefits gained using Specpoint's Smart Reports capabilities include:

  • Save Time Using Automation: The Smart Reports Submittal Register is generated in parallel with project development. This seamless workflow for Construction Documentation and Bidding saves valuable time and improves overall project efficiency.
  • Improve Accuracy: Smart Reports keeps project data local to the application, reducing reliance on imports. This minimizes data inconsistencies and ensures accurate information throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Elevate Collaboration: Collaboration among project stakeholders—contractors, construction administration teams, and others—is promoted. Diverse expertise and perspectives contribute to more efficient project outcomes.
  • On-Demand Information: Users can quickly access a list of highly accurate, on-demand project submittals. This feature helps keep projects on schedule and reduces time-consuming requests for information (RFIs).

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Specpoint Smart Reports Submittal Register saves time by automating submittal register generation, ensuring accuracy eliminating data inconsistencies, and increasing project team collaboration.

Ask Dela AI Digital Assistant

We are excited to unveil Ask Dela, Deltek's new AI-powered digital assistant now available in Specpoint. Ask Dela represents a significant leap in streamlining specification development, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. By tapping into the vast knowledge base of AIA MasterSpec, MasterSpec Supporting Documents, and Specpoint's online help resources, it delivers prompt and precise responses to user inquiry prompts. Its unparalleled value lies in its seamless operation within Specpoint's project workspace, ensuring a cohesive and intuitive user experience like never before. Benefits users will gain with Specpoint’s Ask Dela feature include:

  • Accelerate Research: Ask Dela, Deltek’s new Generative AI-powered digital assistant, revolutionizes spec development. It eliminates endless Google searches by sourcing industry-renowned AIA MasterSpec® guide specifications and Supporting Documents. Instant navigation to superior content drives efficient spec development.
  • Simplify Knowledge-Building: As institutional knowledge erodes over time, Ask Dela bridges the gap. It simplifies knowledge-building for less experienced design professionals, aiding their understanding of specification processes and best practices.
  • Gain Efficiencies and Ease of Use: Ask Dela answers questions about application functionalities and definitions. Specpoint users can maximize their time and maintain project schedules with this helpful assistant.

Ask Dela Digital Assistant image

Ask Dela, Deltek’s AI-powered digital assistant uses natural language processing and prompts to help users easily find and understand specs details to accelerate spec development.

Specpoint: Elevating Your Specification Experience

While Specpoint offers powerful features to streamline specification processes, the Deltek team is continuously working to further enhance the product to empower you with the best specification management software. Exciting developments are on the horizon for our valued Specpoint customers. Register for the quarterly Specification Solutions customer town hall webinars to stay ahead of the curve and be among the first to learn about upcoming product releases and how Specpoint can further accelerate your specification delivery.

Do you want to elevate your Specpoint experience further? You can do so by attending Deltek ProjectCon 2024, our annual customer conference scheduled for November 12-14 at the Gaylord National, near Washington, D.C. Immerse yourself in Specpoint learning sessions and connect with our passionate community of project enthusiasts over three incredible days of learning.


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