Providing Insights to A&E Firms for Over 45 Years

June 26, 2024
Deltek―Providing Insights to A&E Firms

The architecture and engineering industry is poised to undergo significant innovation. Firms are actively acquiring and integrating technology more broadly across the organization as part of their business strategy, a notable advancement over the last few years.

However, firms continue to face a host of challenges including staffing shortages and building for climate change. In addition, other challenges include implementing new software, lack of integration for systems, operating with a smaller IT budget, finding top IT talent and figuring out where to prioritize investments.

Firms know they need to invest in technology to keep pace with the industry. However, many firms report their biggest challenge is determining how to implement emerging technology.

Deltek positions itself as a software provider and a trusted partner, offering industry-leading solutions to help companies achieve clarity in their operations and strive for excellence. Our industry-focused expertise powers project success by helping firms achieve performance that maximizes productivity and revenue.

Deltek supports A&E firms through our thought leadership reports, our industry-leading solutions and in how we engage with customers to guide them to make the right investments for their business.

Sharing Industry Trends and Best Practices

For the last 45 years, Deltek has conducted an annual survey of firms in the Architecture & Engineering (A&E) industry to identify benchmarks on key performance indicators, gain perspective on current market conditions and better understand the industry. The Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study is a helpful resource for firms, whether they are contemplating investment in cutting-edge technology, enhancing profitability or reassessing staffing requirements. It helps firms benchmark their business and identify prevailing challenges and trends within the industry, which is pivotal for positioning an A&E firm for success. Deltek offers the report as a free resource to firms.

This year we surveyed over 650 firms to understand how they were using, or planning to use, AI to help their firm innovate. We discovered that A&E firms are using generative AI for marketing and proposal creation (24%), data summarization (17%), 3D modeling and rendering (15%) and data analysis (14%). In anticipation of advancements in AI, firms largely expect AI to help most with improving operational efficiency (62%), improving project timeline/delivery (52%) and reducing overhead costs (35%).


“Organizations are constantly exploring and evolving their use of technology to best support their business―there is no discrete beginning or end to this journey. Those who challenge the status quo and leverage diverse technology to support their business will be best positioned.”

– Bret Tushaus, VP of Product Management, Deltek


Enhancing Project-Based Solutions with Purposeful Innovation

Project-based businesses transform our world, and the project lifecycle is at the center of an A&E firm. As a leader in the A&E space, we are committed to serving the industry and creating solutions to help propel it to new heights.

Deltek recognizes the power of AI and injected this intelligence into our solutions. Deltek recently revealed an AI Assistant, Deltek Dela™, born out of purposeful innovation efforts to help end users be more productive and efficient with our industry-specific solutions.

Dela includes powerful AI-driven capabilities to make users more efficient and knowledgeable about their business, industry and Deltek solutions. Whether it's generating innovative content, predicting project success, or enabling intelligent exploration, Dela is designed to meet the unique needs of project-based businesses.

At Deltek, we believe that innovation should be strategic and centered around meeting the evolving needs of our customers and the industries they serve.

Customer feedback is often used as a guide when looking to enhance our solutions so they can provide even better business results for firms in the A&E industry. Deltek Vantagepoint and Deltek Ajera ERPs now offer enhanced dashboards and features to better suit customers' needs. In addition, Deltek Talent Management now includes a new interface, intelligent automation and improved navigation to meet industry demands.

Deltek Specpoint, home of AIA MasterSpec, is a collaborative all-in-one tool that empowers architects, engineers and specifiers to efficiently write construction specifications by intelligently researching and selecting building products. At the AIA24 Expo, we showcased the newly released Specpoint solution which leverages intelligent tagging systems that simplify the application of standards across projects, significantly reducing manual tasks and the potential for errors in writing construction specifications.


“With Specpoint Best Practices, we are revolutionizing the way A&E professionals approach project creation. It empowers users with the potential to automatically generate 80% of their specifications upon creation, freeing up that time to concentrate on the design phases.”

– Kevin Plexico, Senior Vice President of Information Solutions, Deltek


Connecting With A&E Firms Across the Industry

Deltek provides project-based solutions that meet the evolving needs of the A&E industry and is looking forward to talking with customers and prospects at industry events to help firms discover the best technology tools for their business. Our industry experts are committed to helping firms become more knowledgeable with current tools for innovation and AI and learning to use them for success.

Deltek booth at AIA24 Deltek booth at AIA24

This year, Deltek’s A&E experts are speaking at ten industry events including AIA24, Morrisey Goodale Western States, ACEC Innovate AI Summit, AEC Amplify and the EFCG CEO Conference. At the AIA24 Expo, Bret Tushaus, VP of Product Management shared his thoughts on emerging technology, including generative AI and provided use cases for how the industry can use the technology to enhance their business operations, while Megan Miller, Sr. Director of Product Marketing discussed the current state of the A&E industry at the Morrisey Goodale event. The discussion included a deep dive into the 45th Clarity A&E Industry Study and provided recommendations on how firms can benchmark their performance in real time.


“At AIA24, it was clear that there is significant interest around AI-driven generative design. Attendees were eager to learn how it can automate manual, repetitive tasks, enable more iteration and ideation and provide better insights into decision making.”

– Bret Tushaus, VP Product Management, Deltek


A Trusted Partner Guiding Companies to Operational Clarity and Excellence

According to the Nucleus Research 2024 ERP Technology Value Matrix, Deltek stands out for its exceptional value delivery and strong positioning among Cloud ERP competitors. Specializing in tailored solutions, our ERP solutions cater to businesses of all sizes, providing efficient project lifecycle management capabilities. Offering a comprehensive suite of business applications, we empower project-based companies throughout the entire process, from opportunity and delivery to invoicing.


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