Shape Government RFPs in Your Direction with GovWin IQ

November 18, 2021
Shape Government RFPs in Your Direction

If you lack advanced awareness of new, good-fit opportunities and are missing updates on the opportunities you are aware of, your business might become unable to influence requirements on government opportunities you’re interested in. In turn, you are left at a disadvantage in an increasingly competitive government contracting marketplace.

If your business wants to give itself the best chance to win more government contracts, it can be proactive by starting the capture process sooner and shaping RFPs in your direction.  You can use tools like GovWin IQ to find government contracts to pursue months, or even years, in advance of the solicitation release, and actively reach out to key decision makers to get in on the ground floor of the bid or RFP.


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Start the Capture Process Earlier to Shape Government RFPs

For your capture plans to perform to their maximum potential, the capture process should start the moment leads are available. This is a challenge that business development teams have top-of-mind today: In Deltek’s 2021 GovCon Clarity report, 81% of survey respondents reported that a “better understanding of opportunities and their requirements earlier in the process” was an important need to address to achieve their public sector BD goals.

If you’re among those 81% of government contractors who would like to have understanding of opportunities earlier, it’s time to ask if your current solution is helping you understand contract requirements early enough in the opportunity lifecycle to help you win government contracts

GovWin IQ is considered the “gold standard” solution for market intelligence for businesses selling to the government. Uniquely, GovWin IQ provides a one-stop shop to deliver you pre-RFP opportunities up to five years before they are published by our award-winning analyst team. With a team of over 150 veteran analysts calling into agencies and scouring procurement websites, GovWin is able to provide first-hand insights that cannot be found elsewhere. Approximately 75% of GovWin’s federal opportunities are posted to GovWin IQ before they’re publicly available and identified. And with coverage including 95% of the state and local space, you can quickly identify state and local leads from a single consolidated tool.

The GovWin IQ platform also offers several features that make it easier for you to begin the capture process at an earlier stage, including:

With these tools in your toolbelt, you’ll be able to more quickly and easily identify good fit opportunities, so you can start the capture process sooner to shape RFPs in your direction and get ahead of the government contracting competition.

Government Contracting Intelligence From Start to Finish

While GovWin IQ is the preferred solution of government contractors to access opportunities earlier, the intelligence you get as a GovWin user can aid you throughout the contracting process. Your GovWin subscription offers you agency contact info and organizational hierarchies; competitor information, including incumbent data for historical contracts; and actionable market insights collected by our award-winning team of subject-matter analysts so you have knowledge of how agencies are spending money on technology, products and services. All of this makes it easier for you to develop winning relationships that open more doors to growing your government contracting business.

Since GovWin IQ is backed and built by a dedicated team of market analysts and industry experts who get first-hand intelligence from government decision makers, it is able to offer you superior early-stage opportunity awareness and updates throughout the full lifecycle of the opportunity.

"We can’t live without GovWin IQ. The daily feeds and opportunity tracking information are part of our sales offense. To support our capture plans, we also leverage the agency information, including budget specifics, organizational plans, and we monitor the information on funding sources Deltek provides."

Tom Baughman, Monster Government Solutions

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