How to Achieve Seamless Integration with SaaS ERP

November 06, 2023
Sarah Featherstone
Sarah Featherstone
Product Marketing Manager
The Role of Integration in SaaS ERP Transformation

As a project-based business, you know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that can support your core processes and provide you with a single source of truth for your project and financial data. You also know how challenging it can be to keep up with the changing demands and expectations of your customers, employees and stakeholders across the dynamic industries you serve.

That’s why many project-based businesses are looking to cloud-based SaaS ERP solutions to modernize their core business applications. SaaS business advantages include superior functionality, flexibility and usability, as well as the chance to reduce costs by eliminating the need for hardware installation, maintenance, and upgrades, so users can pay only for what they use and scale up or down as needed.

Why Integration is Critical for SaaS ERP Transformation

Integration is the process of connecting your SaaS application and data with other systems across your business, including customer management, human capital management, project management, supply chain management, analytics and more. Cloud integration enables you to:

  • Streamline your business processes and workflows by eliminating manual data entry, duplication and errors.
  • Enhance your project and financial visibility and insight by consolidating and analyzing data from multiple sources.
  • Improve your organizational collaboration and communication by sharing information and documents across teams and departments.
  • Increase your innovation and business agility by enabling faster and easier changes and updates to your systems and applications automatically.

Integrating your SaaS ERP solution with currently hosted systems or future applications has numerous benefits: improved efficiency, productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction. Simply put, application integration has the potential to improve your performance, output, teamwork and ultimately customer loyalty.

However, integration can have its’ challenges, especially when managing hybrid environments with various solutions. Challenges may include data quality issues due to different formats and standards, leading to inaccurate or incomplete data. Security and compliance risks can arise from unauthorized access or breaches, exposing sensitive information. Performance and scalability may be affected by high volumes or changing needs. Maintenance and support can be challenging due to updates, lack of documentation, or expertise. These challenges can impact system reliability, adaptability and overall functionality.

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in SaaS ERP Integration

To avoid possible integration challenges and ensure a successful deployment of your SaaS ERP solution, you need to have a clear integration strategy that starts with defining the systems and applications that you need to integrate with your SaaS ERP solution, as well as the data elements, business processes and use cases that are involved in the integration. Next, choose the integration approach that best suits your needs, such as point-to-point integration, hub-and-spoke integration or service-oriented architecture (SOA) integration.

It’s also important to select an integration platform that provides the capabilities and features you need, such as data transformation, mapping, routing, orchestration, monitoring, security, etc. Finally, establish the roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, standards and guidelines, best practices and methodologies that will govern your integration project. Test and monitor the integration, and train your staff on how to use the integrated system.

How Deltek Unionpoint Helps You Achieve Seamless Integration Goals

Deltek is committed to helping companies achieve seamless integration across your cloud environment with our SaaS ERP industry solutions. Deltek offers iPaaS solutions and integration services to help you connect your SaaS ERP solution with all industry solutions and products.

Deltek Unionpoint, is a modern iPaaS solution that enables you to integrate your SaaS ERP solution with many systems or applications you use in your business. This iPaaS solution provides an intuitive interface that allows you to design, build, deploy, monitor and manage integrations without writing complex code or relying on IT resources.


Simplify Integration

An iPaaS solution that allows you to build, deploy and manage cloud-based integrations

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Deltek also offers professional services to help you plan, execute and optimize your integration project. Our experts can help you assess your integration needs, design your integration architecture using best practices, test your integrations for quality assurance, train your users on how to use the integrations and provide ongoing support for your integrations. With Deltek, you can leverage the power of integration to transform your project-based business.