Eliminate the Potential for Data Loss With Deltek ComputerEase in the Cloud

June 15, 2022
Eliminate the Potential for Data Loss With Deltek ComputerEase in the Cloud

According to Construction Dive, the construction industry is slower to adopt new technologies, and as a result, is the #1 industry targeted for cyberattacks. Contractors may think cyber risks only happen to large companies, or to those businesses that are not adhering to strong security protocols. However, that’s not the case—and a lot is at risk.

Think about how your business would function if you experience downtime due to a cyberattack. Your financial data and customer information are at the core of everything you do, and all are at risk if not properly protected.

Industry experts have stated that construction companies are most vulnerable to loss of funds through email communications, malware, ransomware and, most recently siegeware, which specifically targets smart building technology. Construction firms need to have a plan in place before they become the next target.

At Deltek, we’re committed to being a trusted partner by offering a solution to better protect your business, help you adhere to security protocols, and avoid downtime should you be attacked.

You can ensure your business never misses a beat with reliable cloud hosting that guarantees your financial data is accessible, backed up, tested and secure. With Deltek ComputerEase in the Cloud, contractors can leverage the expertise of our expert cloud technicians and remove the IT burden of hosting your accounting solution.

Common Issues that Can Damage Your Business

If you are encountering any of these challenges, it’s time to consider a solution that helps you avoid downtime and allows you to work whenever and wherever you need.

  • Loss of data due to human error
  • Security breach of financial data
  • Missed job opportunities
  • Project delays
  • Unnecessary time spent solving IT issues

Evaluate Your Current State

Ask yourself the following questions and answer them accordingly to determine if your firm could benefit from a cloud-based solution.

Question Indicate "Yes" or "No"
Is accessing your financial data remotely easy and reliable?
Are your Deltek ComputerEase software updates applied automatically?
Do you backup your data?
Do you backup your data one or more times a day?
Do you test your backups?
Is your data redundantly stored in more than one location?
Is your server behind several locked doors?
Is your server and IT managed by more than one person?
Do you have a backup plan if the server goes down?

Add your score above. “Yes” = 0 and “No” = 1. Your total indicates your risk level:

  • Low risk: Score of 0-3
  • Moderate risk: Score of 4-6
  • High risk: Score of 7-9

The Deltek ComputerEase cloud-based solution is best for contractors who:

  • Host business software tools on office’s local server
  • Use Remote Desktop to access tools when not in office
  • Have staff or 3rd party IT services firms who administer tools, manage updates, backup data, test backups, and manage security
  • Pay business costs such as software licenses, hardware costs, electricity bills, salaries and/or hourly wages

Support Data Privacy While Working From Anywhere

Project-based construction companies may realize that a cloud solution can prevent a catastrophic event, but they may not realize that it also allows you to work with more flexibility.

Moving to the cloud can help you:

  • Ensure your financial data is backed up and tested to avoid data loss and poor data quality. Avoid security breaches by leveraging security best practices that ensure your financial data is safe.
  • Protect your data from ransomware attacks by incorporating data privacy principles with role-based authentication controls, multi-factor authentication, and logical segregation of client data.
  • Safely access, copy and move data – anytime, anywhere. This setup allows you to work remotely and collaborate with all employees, no matter your location.
  • Shift infrastructure responsibility and easily scale as your grow with the help of our expert team.

Manage your construction accounting solution more easily in the cloud without software or hardware to maintain. Deltek ComputerEase in the Cloud is secure and compliant, by design, with air-gapped and immutable backups - safe from ransomware and file encryption tactics.

With Deltek ComputerEase it is possible to truly enjoy cloud-based access with complete, secure connections to your data—where and when you need it – that is mobile-ready, scalable, and secure. Supported by experts, we manage the technical requirements of hosting your solution to give you time to focus on your business.

Find out how easy it is to convert to Deltek ComputerEase in the Cloud by contacting our team today.


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