Our Journey to Providing an Award-Winning Customer Service Experience

October 10, 2022
We Love Customers

For most, customer service refers to the actions taken by people who work for an organization, while customer experience describes what a person experiences when interacting with an organization. But more importantly, the customer service experience is where those two worlds meet to convey the overall customer experience while interacting with a company's sales, support and service teams.

For Team Deltek, the customer service experience and the desire to want to help and ensure that customers succeed are always top of mind. From day one, our onboarding, company culture and operating model focus on putting customers first and relentlessly obsessing over their experience. Providing an outstanding customer experience is our North Star, and we’ve been fortunate enough to build a lasting foundation of services for our 30,000+ members of Deltek Project Nation to enable them to use their products with confidence and ease.

Supporting our clients has always been our priority, whether through difficult times or normal business operations, by injecting our passion and dedication into their projects. This dedication to customer success means proactively helping our customers more effectively use a product, from implementation and training to customer support and product enhancements. We are committed to helping our customers get the most out of their Deltek investment.

This passion is even more evident now and why we are excited to announce that Deltek is a recipient of the prestigious J.D. Power "Certified Customer Service Program" for providing an outstanding customer service experience for the fourth year. This recognition is based on exceeding the J.D. Power customer satisfaction global software benchmark and successfully completing an operational audit across its support footprint. We gain so much through these recognitions because we are audited and measured against industry best practices, which we can then learn from to modernize and support our customers going forward.

Here’s a look at how we got there and why we are proud to be a nationally recognized company for project-based businesses:

Modernizing Customer Expectations

We live in a digital era where most people, prospects, and customers spend their time in front of a screen. And as technology and culture have shifted, digital engagement has risen. Customer support conversations are no longer simply over the phone but conducted through chat, email, text, and community forums like Deltek Support Center.

As eMarketer recently reported, 60% of consumers want easier access to support channels online. So, we’ve made a concerted effort at Deltek to be where our customers are and provide them the support they need, where they need it and when they need it.

Deltek recognizes that needs differ depending on an organization’s industry and size, like our small business customers. They need an enhanced support plan because they do not have the internal resources like larger enterprises. These nimble project-based businesses need a more personalized approach, and we’re proud to be an extension of those teams to provide tailored support services, whether digitally or in person.

With a host of purpose-built ERP solutions in the Deltek Cloud or on-premises, outstanding customer service and consulting offerings, we support project-based businesses daily as they adapt, evolve and grow.

Listening and Learning

One of Deltek’s core values is to lead with a customer-first approach and provide a best-in-class customer experience. We strive to do better year after year, and we do that by diligently collecting, listening and acting on the feedback we receive from customers every day. Deltek is committed to continually improving our software by seeking customer insights to build the best products.

To help facilitate this goal, we launched the Deltek Idea Portals for users to provide input that will help with product improvements, added functionality and the creation of new solutions. We are excited for our customers to interact directly with our Product Management team – and for our team to gain visibility into product ideas from users to help shape the future of Deltek solutions.

The feedback loop never stops for us. We've also built a best-in-class Voice of the Customer program and were named a Bronze Award Winner for the U.S. in the B2B Customer experience category by the International Customer Experience Awards (ICXA). We continually act on customer feedback to build better products, offer diversified customer support and increase customer satisfaction.

Through our different types of customer feedback programs, we can gather valuable insights to help provide the most innovative and intuitive customer experience for Deltek Project Nation.

Looking Ahead

Our organization understands the significance of these accolades and recent awards, and it’s truly a reflection of our dedication and determination to provide a first-rate customer experience. We continue to exceed the benchmark for customer satisfaction through our service and timeliness in resolving requests.

We're ready for whatever comes next to support our customers. We look forward to continuing to serve you and are committed to your ongoing success. If you have any feedback about your Deltek experience, please contact Deltek Listens with your thoughts.


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