ProPricer and Fisher House Southern California Supporting Veterans

June 10, 2024
ProPricer and Fisher House Southern California Supporting Veterans

ProPricer, a veteran-founded company, champions support for veterans through its partnership with Fisher House. This esteemed non-profit provides critical assistance to wounded veterans and their families by alleviating the financial burden of travel and lodging expenses. This collaboration underscores ProPricer's unwavering commitment to its military-connected clientele and magnifies Fisher House's indispensable role in supporting those who have served.

While Fisher House's influence extends beyond numbers, its reach is substantial. In 2023 alone, Fisher House supported 813 families and 2,236 individuals, saving them $1.5 million in out-of-pocket expenses. Each number represents a powerful story, underscoring Fisher House's unwavering dedication to those who have served our nation. Here is one of those stories.

Caring for Our Nation's Veterans, Military Members, and Their Families

Meet Christopher—a warrior whose story embodies the unwavering human spirit. At 37, Christopher has confronted unfathomable trials, navigating the crucible of war during tours in Iraq in 2009 and a life-altering sporting accident that left him paralyzed. Yet, through it all, Christopher's indomitable spirit shines brightly, serving as a beacon of resilience in the face of adversity.

Christopher's journey commenced with a patriotic calling to serve his country. He was stationed in Iraq, where he bravely confronted the harsh realities of combat, enduring wounds that persisted long after returning home. The surgical intervention for his neck injuries at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) marked a pivotal moment in his military tenure. However, it was a subsequent sporting accident that would dramatically alter the trajectory of his life. This unforeseen tragedy reshaped his reality, propelling him onto a new path filled with formidable challenges.

Life After Service - A New Chapter Unfolded

Transitioning to civilian life in 2014, Christopher pursued his passion for art as a digital Zbrush sculptor at the Art Institute of Seattle, delving into creative expression and digital artistry. This promising new chapter in Christopher's life was abruptly cut short by a devastating somersault accident. The accident severed his C-1 and C-2 vertebrae, instantly rendering him paralyzed and reliant on a ventilator and round-the-clock care. Christopher's world was turned upside down overnight, and this tragic twist of fate forever altered the path ahead. Since 2018, Christopher has bravely faced the daunting challenges of life with quadriplegia with remarkable bravery. Despite his circumstances, he remains connected with loved ones, empowered by their unwavering support.

Known for his intelligence, wit, insightfulness, and kindness, Christopher exemplifies an unwavering philosophy of optimism and resilience. Christopher stays connected with his family from his hospital bed at the Long Beach Veterans Affairs Spinal Cord Center through specially equipped computers and phones.

Christopher's devoted family, comprising his aunts Cathleen Koch, Colleen Chavez, and Nancy Carriaga, reside in Washington and New Mexico. Last November, Cathleen and Nancy visited Christopher, bringing joy and comfort to his bedside—a heartfelt testament to the power of family bonds. Other relatives eagerly look forward to visiting Christopher this year, highlighting the enduring connections that inspire Christopher's optimism and resilience.

Christopher's aunt, Nancy Carriaga, expresses deep gratitude, stating, "Fisher House has been an invaluable source of support for us, and we look forward to their ongoing assistance during our visits with Chris. Ironically, it is Chris who encourages us most of the time. His attitude is inspiring. Fisher House is inspiring. Together, we will support Chris and face new challenges ahead. It helps just knowing that Fisher House is there for us to stay, and given the circumstances concerning Chris, that means so much. Chris proudly and passionately served his country. He and other vets deserve the benefits Fisher House provides for families. We do not take these benefits for granted and are extremely grateful."

Christopher's Aunt Cathleen Koch adds, "Before Covid, our family could visit Chris regularly since Chris was admitted to the Spinal Cord Center. Without Fisher House, our family visits would have been limited. Fisher House made it possible for our large family across the country to visit Chris during such a devastating time in his life. Being far from Chris is difficult, but we know he is well cared for at the VA-Long Beach. And thanks to Fisher House, we can continue to visit him more frequently. With Chris's excellent access to technology, we can check in with him weekly."

Spinal Cord Center

Cathleen Koch and Nancy Carriaga visit their nephew, Christopher Lee Patterson, a U.S. Army veteran living with quadriplegia, at the Spinal Cord Center of the VA-Long Beach Medical Center. Photo by Howard Freshman.

Fisher House Southern California: Empowering Veterans and Families

Fisher House Southern California was pivotal in supporting Christopher and his family throughout his recovery. By offering essential assistance, Fisher House ensured they could remain close to Christopher without worrying about accommodation costs.

Linda Rahn, Executive Director of Fisher House Southern California, explains that while medical treatment for veterans or active-duty military is typically covered, the costs associated with traveling with their loved ones are not covered. This is where Fisher House steps in—to provide temporary lodging for veteran and military families, allowing them to stay by their loved ones' bedside during the healing process at no cost. When a Fisher House is unavailable, Fisher House Southern California arranges temporary lodging in a hotel, providing it free of charge to families, along with food and transportation support as needed.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Christopher's journey invites us to support organizations like Fisher House Southern California. Let's join hands to help our warriors, ensuring no one fights alone. We can nurture hope and pave the way forward with innovative solutions.


“We're so thankful to Fisher House for enabling us to have free accommodations in a beautiful home, just steps away from the VA, making it possible for us to visit Chris more often.”

– Cathleen Koch, Aunt to Christopher Lee Patterson


Over the past decade, over 7,000 families have been accommodated at the four Fisher Houses, saving families over $10 million in out-of-pocket expenses.

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