Using the Project Command Center to Empower Project Managers

April 13, 2022
Ellen Keeley
Product Director

Project Managers (PMs) are responsible for myriad activities from setting up a pursuit project, planning a project once awarded and tracking where a project stands in real-time. Deltek Ajera’s Project Command Center is the heart of all projects, helping PMs keep a pulse on project progress and make adjustments along the way as necessary. Below are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your PMs are getting the most out of the Project Command Center (PCC).


Ajera Town Hall

View the demo of the Project Command Center at the Q1 2022 Ajera customer town hall

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Automatically Update Costs when Updating Resources

The Manage tab in the PCC has logic to build the resource allocations and associated costs from the bottom up. For example, by adding or changing the hours assigned to a particular individual at the resource level, Ajera will auto sum the levels above, updating the total hours and cost at the phase and project level.

Ajera Project Command Center

The plus sign on the left shows that items aren’t in balance (not auto summing). Clicking on the plus sign is an easy way to make everything balanced again.

Ajera Project Command Center, Auto Sum

Create a Project Plan from the Top Down

If there is less certainty about how much time and effort a project will require throughout all phases or a PM is not ready to make specific resource assignments, Ajera allows PMs to start building a general plan using a top-down approach. For example, the PM can denote that 15% of resources will be applied to the schematic design phase, 20% to design development, 40% to construction docs and so forth. Then once a contract amount is entered, the PM can click on the % Distribution column and Ajera will populate the hours and costs based on the total contract amount and percent assigned to each phase. This provides a starting point from which the PM can begin assigning specific resources and making any other necessary changes.

Ajera Product Command Center, Percent Distribution

Customize Project Command Center Options

Using the Customize Project Command Center, each employee can customize how the PCC displays information that directly benefit their individual role in their projects. PMs and project teams can control which projects are displayed and which columns and types of information are visible.

If a project team member is struggling with finding information or is unable to see specific information with the PCC, be sure to verify that the settings are correct in the Customize Project Command Center.

Ajera Project Command Center Customization

Adjust Security Roles to Provide Insight and Control

Project managers can take ownership of their projects to the level required by the business with the right access. Administrators can adjust security roles to control a project manager’s interaction with the PCC including defining which activities PMs can perform in the PCC, including creating a new project and viewing reports as well as access to view or update any field in PCC.

Ajera Project Command Center, Security Settings

The Project Command Center empowers project managers to efficiently manage project resources and budget. To view a live demonstration of these features and more, watch the Q1 2022 town hall.