Manage Conversations and More with Maconomy 2.5.4

October 07, 2021

In Maconomy’s most recent version, we’ve included a new way to manage conversations plus other small, usability improvements. What does this mean? An easier and more personalized way for Maconomy users to find the information they need in the web-browser interface, iAccess. Keep reading to find out more.

Conversation Center

We’ve continued to extend and enhance the “instant chat” capabilities originally released in version 2.4.5.  Save time with the Conversation Center, a new workspace that provides one place for users to manage all conversations including: 

  • Search against conversations or messages
  • Easily pin, mute, unsubscribe actions
  • Link to record with conversation

Maconomy Convo center

Personalize It in iAccess

Who doesn’t love adding a profile picture? With this new version, users can personalize their experience when using the iAccess interface. Add a display or profile image using third party tools, like Gravatar.

Maconomy iAccess pic

Fields & Icon Updates

The Column Chooser functionality, originally introduced in Maconomy 2.5.1 now includes all columns relevant to the current layout. This includes both the list view and advanced search.

Maconomy column chooser

Additionally, in tables and list views with lines that go past the width of the screen, the following icons and actions are now permanently displayed even if you scroll to either end of the line:

  • Row Tools icon
  • Column Chooser icon
  • Buttons for maximizing/minimizing the table
  • Up/down arrows
  • Loading spinner

Maconomy iAccess icons

Juggle Multiple Projects

Maconomy’s integrated resource and project planning add-on solution, People Planner, has a new workspace! Project managers can work even smarter now. View and manage multiple jobs at one time in the new Resource Plans workspace. This is available in both the workspace client and iAccess web components.

People Planner Resource Plans

Ready to learn more?

Register to attend the upcoming Q4 Maconomy Customer Town Hall on 2 December 2021 at 9 AM EDT.