How Customers Benefit from the Powerful Combination of GovWin+Onvia

October 16, 2018
Kevin Plexico
Sr. Vice President of Information Solutions

In late 2017, Deltek announced the acquisition of Onvia and we began the integration of Onvia’s product into our GovWin IQ solution. This year we’ve been busy making updates, adding features, and expanding the scope of the market intelligence on the public sector within GovWin IQ. 

I'm excited to share that the combination of GovWin and Onvia is now complete and we are able to provide our customers with the most complete set of government spending data available on the market – all within a single point of access.

By combining these two leading providers of intelligence for the federal and SLED (state, local, and education) markets we have made it easier than ever for businesses to create comprehensive, holistic public sector sales strategies, obtain tangible leads, and build long-term pipelines. With federal and SLED data all in one place, businesses of all sizes and types can find the broadest and best-fitting range of government buyers for their products and services. And our customers are already reaping the benefits of this powerful combination!

“Having the best information all in one place makes it easy to develop and act on a seamless government sales strategy. We couldn’t be more excited about the combination of Onvia and GovWin and we look forward to seeing even more from this powerful combination in the future.”

Dana Roberson, Product Marketing Manager, Tyler Technologies, Inc.

Long-time GovWin clients are finding that the integration of Onvia has added tremendous value in a number of ways:

  • Improved coverage of SLED governments, with a 50% increase in terms of overall bid volume – plus the addition of amendments to SLED government contracting opportunities
  • The integration of Onvia’s Smart Tags into GovWin IQ helps clients find new opportunities without complex keyword searches
  • New intuitive inbox features that make it easier for users to qualify new opportunities and collaborate with their team

At the same time, Onvia’s user base has enjoyed a wide range of benefits from the integration with GovWin:

  • Broader market intelligence for governments, including profiles on 100,000+ cities, counties, school districts, special districts, and higher education institutions - plus competitive intelligence on nearly 2 million companies and their public sector sales footprint
  • More search tools for accessing contacts, making it easier for clients to connect with government buyers and find partners for teaming
  • Access to market-leading federal research, early-stage opportunity information, and research support to provide a thorough understanding of the market and details on upcoming contracts
  • The positive momentum for GovWin IQ is part of Deltek’s strategy. Deltek has made big investments in GovWin, going back to its initial acquisition of INPUT, followed by Federal Sources, Centurion and now Onvia

That momentum is poised to continue forward in the future in both the near- and long-term. For example, we just released a brand-new federal spending analytics tool that will empower GovWin IQ users to better visualize the market for their business. And our upcoming organization charts solution will help companies navigate the complex bureaucracy of government agencies so clients can connect with the right buyers of their products and generate more demand.

We’ve accomplished a lot this year and there’s certainly plenty more to come; we have numerous initiatives planned to drive even more improvements for our customers across the federal, state, local, and education markets. And we’ll continue to enable GovWin IQ customers to better manage their public sector sales opportunities, pursue more deals more quickly, and plan strategically to get ahead of the competition in selling to the government.

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