Government Contracting Enhancements and Innovation: GovWin’s 2021 Year in Review

December 16, 2021

2021 was a year of innovation for GovWin as we unveiled some major product enhancements. By expanding our analyst-tracked SLED (state, local and education) coverage, introducing machine learning for federal opportunity scoring, broadening our coverage to Canadian procurement, and finally, introducing a streamlined way for you to manage state and local registrations, it was among our most successful years ever. 

Below we have recapped our key enhancements and innovations that came to GovWin in 2021.

Tracked Opportunities in SLED Professional Services

GovWin is recognized for our award-winning, veteran analyst team and this year they have been hard at work expanding our SLED coverage to include a variety of professional services industries. This new coverage model brought even more analyst-tracked opportunities to GovWin, giving users advanced notice of leads up to five years ahead of a solicitation release.  

Our SLED analyst-tracked opportunity coverage now includes the following industries:

  • Financial services
  • Business management services
  • Consulting services
  • Marketing services
  • Legal services
  • General staffing
  • Education and training services
  • Insurance services
  • Safety and security services
  • Health services

With this expansion, we’re proud to offer the biggest collection of early-identified, high-value leads to more users serving the public sector.

Machine Learning Innovation for Federal Opportunities

AI-powered opportunity scoring for federal opportunities came to GovWin with the Smart Fit feature release. By leveraging machine learning, the GovWin platform intakes publicly sourced contract award data and is now able to instantly serve up best-fit opportunities based on influential scoring criteria making qualifying leads easier than ever before. Smart Fit scoring criteria is based on the following opportunity elements, each weighted specifically to provide an accurate score:

  • NAICS codes and GovWin Smart Tags
  • Keywords
  • Agency
  • Place of performance

Beyond lead generation, users can quickly top identify competitors by viewing other top-scoring companies or leverage that same data to identify strategic teaming partners on opportunities of interest.

Expansion to the Canadian Government Contracting Market

GovWin expanded our market intelligence coverage to cover Canadian procurement from the same coverage model our users recognize us for. By bringing in Canadian procurement, we’re continuing to centralize market data for our users serving both markets. Our Canadian market coverage extends to the federal, provincial, territorial, and MASH (municipal, academic, social services, hospitals) level markets. Data sets for this data set include:

  • Bids/Tenders
  • Amendments
  • Contract awards
  • Decision Maker Contacts
  • Lead Alerts
  • Budgets
  • Limited Agency Profiles
  • Bid tabulations
  • Plan holders lists
  • AI-powered project summary translations

In expanding our coverage, we’re proud to offer customers centralized, forward-looking intelligence to further support their business development efforts.

Registration Manager: Simplifying State and Local Government Registration

State, Local and Education agencies require contractors to register on their procurement portals prior to bidding on a solicitation release. With approximately 100,000 unique government buying agencies, keeping track of what agencies you are or aren’t registered with and when registrations expire can be a tedious task.

Our most recent product enhancement, Registration Manager, recognizes the pain associated with keeping track of state and local registrations; particularly when doing business regionally or nationwide. This tool makes streamlining your registration pursuits easy by tracking where your organization is registered, when those registrations expire and recommends agency registrations strategically based on your activity within GovWin. With this centralized repository, you’ll never have to hunt down your status with an agency again.

Track your registrations easily in the Registration Manager tool with the ability to capture registration status, agency type, agency website, registration date, expiration date, when it was last modified and by who. With the ability to maintain registrations across your team, you can efficiently work together to pursue bids with confidence.

Interested in learning about how your team can use these innovations and enhancements to build your federal or SLED government contracting strategy for 2022? Click the link below to learn more about GovWin IQ.


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