Talking AI + Innovation with Industry Expert Michael Fauscette

October 27, 2023
Deltek Podcast Roundup

The Disambiguation Podcast, hosted by technology analyst, startup advisor, founder and CEO of Arion Research, Michael Fauscette, aims to remove confusion around artificial intelligence (AI) and business automation. In this special episode recorded at Deltek ProjectCon, Michael chatted with Deltek’s Chief Product Officer, Warren Linscott, about how AI and generative AI (GenAI) are transforming project-based businesses.

During their conversation, the two discussed how artificial intelligence can enhance project management and operations in various ways, such as using digital assistants and automation. They compared traditional AI, which uses algorithms and machine learning to predict on a narrow data set, versus generative AI, which can create new content or parse unstructured data and return structured responses based on the deployment of Large Language Models.

The two also touched on use cases, and how GenAI and traditional AI can work together to enhance each other’s capabilities and applications. This becomes apparent when looking at jobs to be done around the project lifecycle, for example, hiring a new employee. Traditional AI is suitable for predicting the need for a new employee, whereas generative AI can help us speed up the hiring process by generating job descriptions and postings, saving companies time in the overall time-to-hire cycle. By combining GenAI with traditional AI, organizations can create more powerful and versatile AI systems to solve a broader range of business problems and increase operational efficiency around the project lifecycle.

Tune into the Disambiguation Podcast to listen to the entire interview and discover how Deltek is embracing this new era of AI-enabled product offerings to help project-based businesses achieve their goals.

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Disambiguation Podcast

Interview with Warren Linscott, Deltek's Chief Product Officer

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