Deltek TIPQA Becomes the First Quality Management Software to Earn FAA Recognition

May 13, 2024
Padma Raghunathan
Padma Raghunathan
Product Marketing Manager
Deltek TIPQA Becomes the First Quality Management Software to Earn FAA Recognition

Deltek TIPQA has received FAA’s Safety Element Approval, underscoring Deltek’s commitment to quality, compliance and safety in the commercial space transportation industry.

In a significant achievement for Deltek, the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST) has granted a Safety Element Approval for TIPQA, Deltek’s Quality Management Software (QMS). This makes Deltek one of only six companies to have achieved this prestigious recognition and the first QMS to do so.

This FAA Safety Element Approval affirms Deltek TIPQA software can manage documents effectively, ensuring precise and comprehensive record-keeping for the entire operational lifecycle of licensed sites (e.g., space launch facilities) and vehicle operations (spacecraft, rockets, satellites, etc.), as required by 14 CFR §§ 420.61, 450.219(b) and 450.173(g).

The FAA Safety Element Approval for Deltek TIPQA has a significant impact on both government and non-government contractors, especially those involved in space launch activities and spacecraft operations. Government contractors, under the purview of the FAA, are directly influenced by these regulations. Non-government contractors, including manufacturers and commercial entities participating in space-related activities, may also be impacted, particularly if they collaborate with government agencies subject to FAA regulations.  This approval facilitates accurate record-keeping, demonstrates regulatory compliance and enhances operational efficiency for space-related projects.

Deltek TIPQA: An FAA-Recognized Game Changer

No other competitor has this FAA approval, effectively making Deltek TIPQA the only QMS solution which satisfies the record-keeping portions of 14 CFR.

As the only quality management software with this Safety Element Approval, Deltek TIPQA stands out as a unique solution in the industry. This exclusive recognition offers users a significant edge over competitors using other QMS solutions, particularly when it comes to demonstrating compliance with FAA regulations and promoting public safety and safeguarding property.

In the high-stakes realm of space transportation, the reporting of every single incident or mishap is absolutely crucial. Failure to do so can result in severe consequences, including the revocation of licenses and certifications, thereby jeopardizing an organization’s operational viability and future business prospects. To ensure accurate reporting and meticulous documentation that meets the exacting standards of the FAA, it is imperative to have FAA-approved solutions in place. Without such specialized software, the task of record-keeping and managing audits can quickly become overwhelming, increasing the risk of penalties for non-compliance.

Organizations that don’t deploy FAA-approved software may struggle with maintaining precise and regulatory-compliant records, leading to errors, compliance issues, and challenges in tracking and retrieving vital information. This could result in inefficiencies in managing quality and regulatory requirements, as well as heighten risks that could compromise the integrity of their quality management systems.

Relying on manual processes or less specialized software solutions may not provide the level of functionality, integration, and automation which are necessary to meet stringent regulatory demands. Customers value and prioritize partners who are conscious of safety and compliance; Deltek TIPQA’s FAA approval significantly bolsters their reputation. They can reap the benefits of comprehensive record-keeping, which not only simplifies audit processes but also aids in risk mitigation. Therefore, implementing FAA-approved solutions like Deltek TIPQA is critical for ensuring compliance and operational excellence.

The Impact of FAA Approval on Deltek’s Customers and Prospects

This certification significantly enhances organizational quality standards and streamlines compliance processes.

For customers and prospects in the space transportation industry, this approval enables customers to:

Improve Quality Management Standards

Deltek TIPQA users in the commercial space industry can now satisfy FAA’s requirements for accurate and thorough record retention  a capability that was previously unavailable. This enables them to establish robust document management processes for inspections, compliance, audits, and reporting throughout the lifecycle of site or vehicle operations. The approval from the FAA not only validates the effectiveness of the quality management software but also enhances users' confidence in their quality management practices.

Elevate Compliance and Audit Efficiency

Deltek TIPQA users are well aware of the software’s strong ability to ensure industry and regulatory compliance. With the issuance of the Safety Element Approval, customers can elevate their compliance efforts by leveraging Deltek TIPQA’s capability to satisfy FAA's requirements for record retention. Organizations can now ensure that critical data related to space operations is captured, managed, and accessible as needed. This level of compliance not only facilitates successful inspections and audits but also enhances overall operational transparency and accountability. By utilizing Deltek TIPQA's FAA-approved features, users can confidently demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards, mitigate compliance risks and strengthen their reputation as reliable and safety-conscious partners.

Demonstrate Safety and Reliability

Space operators and contractors must prioritize protecting public health, safety, and property due to the risks associated with space activities. This includes ensuring that rocket launches, satellite deployments, and other missions do not pose threats to nearby communities or the environment. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is essential to maintain operational licenses and permits. By prioritizing these aspects, space operators demonstrate responsible conduct and build trust among the public and stakeholders.

The Safety Element Approval helps Deltek TIPQA users demonstrate that they are committed to implementing effective safety management practices and maintaining detailed records, including mishaps and incidents, as outlined in 14 CFR. Deltek's customers can affirm that by using the software, they are dedicated to ensuring the protection of public health, safety and property.

Showcase Operational Integrity and Industry Credibility

In the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry, an FAA approval serves as a testament to customers, stakeholders, and industry peers that the approved entity—be it a product, process, or organization—has successfully passed stringent evaluations and adheres to FAA regulations pertaining to safety, quality and operational standards.

In the specific case of the space industry, TIPQA’s FAA-approved record-keeping functionality enhances an organization’s operational transparency and accountability by maintaining electronic records of the entire lifecycle of a space program or mission. This increased transparency can positively shape perceptions of Deltek’s customers and underscore their commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.

Win More Contracts

In this highly regulated industry, using FAA-approved tools significantly bolsters an organization’s image, making it more attractive to potential customers and partners. It can be a deciding factor when prospective clients have to choose between different quality management software vendors.

Moreover, Deltek TIPQA users can potentially broaden their market reach. Contractors in the space industry place great emphasis on FAA certification as it signifies that the subcontractor or vendor has been through FAA’s exacting scrutiny. Therefore, this recognition can offer a substantial competitive edge, fostering future business expansion.

Building Confidence Across the A&D Industry

Ripple Effect: How TIPQA's FAA approval signals trust and reliability in the industry.

The FAA Safety Element Approval for Deltek TIPQA software has significant implications for customers and prospects in the A&D industry, particularly those not currently involved in the commercial space business. This approval is a compelling testament to the rigorous scrutiny that the software has undergone by the FAA, underscoring its robustness and safety assurance for the Safety Elements contained in the approval, thus reinforcing its reputation for facilitating adherence to industry compliance. It emphasizes the software’s ability to meet high safety standards, further solidifying its reputation in the industry.

Moreover, it validates Deltek’s commitment to offering solutions that adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards.  It is a clear demonstration of Deltek’s proactive approach to staying ahead of the curve and adapting to evolving regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Furthermore, this approval opens up new avenues for A&D companies who use or plan to implement Deltek TIPQA. It provides them with the opportunity to potentially expand into the commercial space market, thereby broadening their operational scope and fostering growth. In essence, this approval is more than just a certification; it also catalyzes strategic possibilities for market expansion and innovation.

Deltek is proud to be recognized by the FAA and we look forward to continuing to provide customers with the highest level of quality management solutions.



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