Elevate Efficiency with Deltek ComputerEase Employee Hub 23.1 and FieldEase 24.1 Enhancements

January 18, 2024
Elevate Efficiency with Employee Hub & FieldEase

Welcome to the next level of efficiency and user experience in construction management with Deltek ComputerEase! In this blog, we are excited to showcase the upcoming enhancements in our Employee Hub 23.1 and FieldEase 24.1 modules, which are designed to address common challenges faced by contractors in the industry.

Employee Hub 23.1: Simplifying Payroll Management

The Employee Hub is a specialized solution that empowers small construction firms to manage their payroll information effortlessly. It acts as a central hub, providing web-based access to crucial documents like pay stubs, W2s, and 1095Cs, seamlessly integrated with the ComputerEase accounting software.

Deltek ComputerEase is excited to unveil the upgraded features of Employee Hub 23.1, introducing a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for payroll management in small construction firms. With modernized branding, automated communication processes, and organized paystub access, this update brings practical improvements that enhance efficiency and accessibility. As we explore these advancements, expect a more intuitive tool that aligns seamlessly with user needs, setting the stage for a refined payroll management experience. Here are the latest features you can expect from our most recent update:

Modernized Branding for a Cohesive Experience

To keep pace with the latest from Deltek ComputerEase, Employee Hub 23.1 introduces a fresh logo and branding. This modern visual identity creates a cohesive and contemporary user interface, setting the stage for an enhanced experience in managing payroll information.

ComputerEase Employee Hub Login
ComputerEase Employee Hub Login

Automated Communication: Email Notifications for New Documents

Say goodbye to manual notifications! Employee Hub 23.1 takes communication efficiency to the next level by introducing automatic email notifications for new documents, including pay stubs, W2s, and 1095Cs. This feature streamlines communication, ensuring that critical information reaches employees promptly.

ComputerEase Employee Hub Email Notifications
ComputerEase Employee Hub Email Notifications

Organized Paystubs for Quick Access

In response to the challenge of managing payroll details, paystubs are now conveniently sorted by date in descending order. Employees will have their newest paystubs at the top by default, providing easy access to the most recent information. This organizational improvement simplifies the process, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

FieldEase 24.1: Optimizing Field Operations

FieldEase is a field-to-office collaboration system uniquely designed for construction firms to keep everyone in the office and the field on the same page. It helps construction project managers streamline tasks by enabling them to manage their projects on the go from their mobile devices or tablets.

In the upcoming FieldEase 24.1 release, a visual transformation will present users with a fresh and cohesive appearance that aligns seamlessly with the latest Deltek ComputerEase branding. The revitalized icon and visual identity contribute to a contemporary and unified visual experience, catering to the intuitive interface needs of users engaged in managing projects and tasks in the field. Here are the latest enhancements to FieldEase:

Unified Visual Experience: Revamped Branding

FieldEase 24.1 introduces a fresh look, aligning seamlessly with the latest Deltek FieldEase branding. The revitalized icon and visual identity offer a contemporary and unified visual experience, addressing the need for an intuitive interface for users managing projects and tasks in the field.

ComputerEase's New FieldEase Login Screen
New FieldEase Login Screen

Efficient Work Order Management: Multi-Instruction Display

Service technicians rejoice! FieldEase 24.1 empowers users to view multiple instructions for a piece of equipment within work orders. This enhancement streamlines workflow, allowing technicians to access all pertinent instructions conveniently and optimizing overall operational efficiency.

FieldEase Work Order Multi-Instruction Display
FieldEase Work Order Multi-Instruction Display

Clear Documentation: Enhanced Work Order Printing

Responding to user needs, the FieldEase Service Hub introduces an enhanced Work Order Printing setting—printing one piece of equipment per page. This feature provides customers and technicians with a more precise and efficient review of completed work, addressing the crucial need for transparency in service orders.

Embrace Employee Hub 23.1 & FieldEase 24.1 Upgrades

The Employee Hub 23.1 and FieldEase 24.1 enhancements are tailored to tackle contractors' common challenges, offering streamlined solutions for improved efficiency and user satisfaction. Join us in embracing these updates as we continue to empower your construction management workflow.


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