Tackling the Complexities of Employee Management for Small US Contractors

June 07, 2023
ComputerEase's Employee Hub

Small construction firms in the U.S. often face the complex challenge of managing employees, including securing data, maintaining accurate records, efficiently handling tax documentation and fostering transparency and trust. Streamlining HR operations is crucial for their overall operational efficiency.

Employee portals have emerged as essential tools for modern organizations, as highlighted in a recent Forbes article. These portals primarily empower employees to access their personal data, but they also offer significant benefits for HR managers. By providing a centralized platform for employee information, these portals save HR managers valuable time by reducing the need for manual data retrieval and management.

With an employee portal, HR managers can streamline routine tasks and focus on strategic initiatives. They no longer have to spend excessive time pulling payroll specific documents. Instead, the portal serves as a solution for employees to access their information, alleviating the administrative burden on HR managers and allowing them to dedicate their time to more impactful HR activities.

Moreover, employee portals enhance the overall efficiency and success of a construction firm. By minimizing routine HR tasks, these portals enable HR managers to allocate their time and resources towards strategic initiatives such as talent acquisition, employee development, and fostering a positive work environment. This ultimately contributes to improved productivity, employee satisfaction, and business outcomes.

To help small contractors overcome these challenges we are introducing the Deltek ComputerEase Employee Hub, a specialized tool designed to help your workforce manage specific aspects of its payroll information 24/7. This access includes web-based pay stubs, 1095-Cs and W-2s and integrates directly with your ComputerEase accounting software.

Employee HubScreenshot of Deltek ComputerEase Employee Hub

How the Deltek ComputerEase Employee Hub Makes Payroll Data Convenient

Streamlined Employee Information Management

The Employee Hub simplifies the process of managing and organizing employee payroll information. HR managers can save significant time by having needed payroll details in one centralized location, eliminating the need to search through multiple files or systems.

Self-Service Employee Information Access

Employees can independently log into the Employee Hub to view their pay stubs, W-2s, and 1095-Cs. This self-service feature saves time for both HR managers and employees, empowering employees with autonomy to review and download these documents. They can also independently update their email address and password, giving them more control over their personal data.

Real-Time Updates

The Employee Hub ensures that employee information is always up to date. HR managers can make immediate changes or updates to employee records, and employees can view these changes in real time without waiting for manual updates or communication from HR.

Elevating Data Security and Control

With built-in options for enabling or disabling Employee Hub access, administrators can manage how pay stubs are sent to the website, either automatically, manually, or based on prompts after payroll posting. The system tracks all employees who have been invited and whether they've completed the verification process, ensuring data integrity.

Unleashing the Power of ComputerEase’s Employee Hub: A Scalable Solution for Growing Contractors

The ComputerEase Employee Hub offers a scalable solution for small construction firms in the U.S. as they expand. With the ability to accommodate an unlimited number of employees, the Hub ensures that managing payroll details remains streamlined even with workforce growth.


ComputerEase Employee Hub

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