Get Complete Control of Media Finance with Deltek WorkBook & FreeWheel’s Strata

September 22, 2022

As if managing an agency wasn’t complicated enough, for those agencies that manage media planning and buying in house, the complexity and inefficiencies of back-office processes can be exponentially worse. Client budgets don’t go as far as they used to and oftentimes media buys don’t air, so it’s crucial that your media and finance teams are in lock step to quickly reconcile invoices to make sure the agency gets paid. But when those teams work in disparate systems, the inefficiencies and errors of reentering data can wreak havoc on cash flow and eat away at your margins.

Now, agencies who use FreeWheel’s Strata platform for media stewardship will be able to seamlessly integrate those capabilities with Deltek WorkBook to manage billing and financials for all marketing campaigns, across media types, in one centralized location.

Together, WorkBook and Strata help you:

Be More Confident in Your Agency’s Financial Data

  • Maintain data integrity so you can be confident that the data in Strata will match what is in WorkBook in terms of your media orders, price quotes and vendor invoices
  • Facilitate the exchange of data between WorkBook and Strata by leveraging an open architecture rather than an import/export functionality, and be confident that the data you see in both systems in real-time is accurate
  • Create a foundation for automation with the accuracy that financial systems demand via this exceptional integration with the Strata platform

WorkBook and Strata

Reduce Effort, and Improve the Efficiency of Your Reconciliations

  • A seamless API integration eliminates unreliable flat file transfers so you can avoid the effort and errors that are common when importing or having to reenter data into your accounting system from spreadsheets or disparate media management tools
  • Complete financial reconciliations automatically so you always know what invoices are coming in and which media buys to bill for in advance

WorkBook and Strata

Improve Cash Flow

  • When WorkBook reflects more accurate financial data in real-time, your Finance team can stay on top of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable in order to maintain optimal cash flow
  • Native to the integration, all media billing can be executed within WorkBook to ensure your agency gets paid on time

WorkBook and Strata

This powerful integration not only helps you save time, eliminate friction, and run a better business. It is a unique offering that is:

  • Cloud-based for easy access from anywhere
  • Sleek, with a modern interface built specifically for how agencies really work
  • A true API integration that gives you real-time results
  • More tightly integrated with Strata than any other ERP solution

With the help of a purpose-built integration from Deltek Partner Synatic, Deltek can offer its customers a seamless connection between WorkBook and Strata that streamlines agency workflow and data exchange without losing valuable functionality – so customers can run a profitable business, while optimizing media performance for their clients. 


Deltek WorkBook & FreeWheel Stata

Optimize Agency Workflow and Get Complete Control of Media Finance

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