Boost Communication, Efficiency and Optimize User Experience with the Latest TIP Technologies Release

May 30, 2024
Padma Raghunathan
Padma Raghunathan
Product Marketing Manager
Customer-Driven Enhancements in New TIP Technologies Release

Manufacturers operating in the aerospace and defense industry often contend with intricate manufacturing and quality control processes. Deltek TIP Technologies, the industry’s leading integrated quality management solution, helps manufacturers consistently deliver high-quality products. With the release of TIP 10.18.1, our focus is to enhance reporting capabilities, improve operational efficiency and visibility, and optimize user experience so you can easily achieve that goal. With a steadfast focus on customer-driven enhancements to TIPQA and TIPSFE, this release underscores our unwavering commitment to not only act upon customer feedback but also continuously enhance user experience.

Every new feature and enhancement as part of this release has been developed based on customer feedback and together aims to facilitate effective communication, simplify access to manufacturing records for better decision-making, automate sensitive material calculations for work order allocation, and enforce personnel assignment and deadlines during task planning, improving overall production and project efficiency.

We're excited to provide aerospace and defense contractors these features and enhancements to make daily operations easier.

Effectively Communicate with Polished and Well-Organized NC Reports

The revamped Nonconformance (NC) report facilitates organized and more visually appealing communication. This enhancement goes beyond modern aesthetics; it's about ensuring that our reports are easy to read and understand for all stakeholders, customers, suppliers, or external audiences.

Newly revamped Nonconformance (NC) reportNewly revamped Nonconformance (NC) report facilitates clear and effective communication

The NC PDF report has been upgraded with sleek, industry-standard fonts to enhance visual appeal. Additionally, the efficient use of the page removes excess white space and neatly organizes and aligns content for optimal presentation. These enhancements result in a cleaner, more organized presentation, making the reports easier to navigate and understand. This improvement enhances the user experience and ensures communication remains clear and effective.

Simplify Access to Manufacturing Data

Indentured Grid Reports

Our latest enhancement in the Serialized Test and Inspection module allows users to export a visually represented grid that illustrates the hierarchical relationship between upper-level and associated lower-level part numbers/serial numbers. This feature aids production or maintenance planners, shop floor technicians, and materials planners in comprehensively understanding product compositions down to the smallest components.

An export button has been introduced within the traceable configuration indenture view to address the need for quick access to the indenture grid. This allows for the swift grid export to Excel, maintaining the coloring and grid configuration for easy reference and analysis. Furthermore, any column configurations made within the TIP grid are preserved in the Excel export, ensuring seamless data transfer and usability.

An export buttonAn export button introduced to quickly access to the indenture grid, allows for swift grid export to Excel, maintaining the coloring and grid configuration

With this enhancement, users on TIP WEB or planning to upgrade can efficiently access and utilize the hierarchical product information they need, enhancing productivity and facilitating informed decision-making.

New "Where Used" Tab in Document Management

With the addition of the "Where Used" tab, users can effortlessly identify all instances where the DM record is utilized or linked throughout the product. This comprehensive visibility empowers users to grasp the complete impact of document changes, ensuring efficient management of records and tasks.

New tab. in document managementNew “Where Used” tab in Document Management to easily identify all instances where the DM record is utilized or linked throughout the product.

Location Code Relationship Enhancement

This feature applies to several quality-related workflows and users managing multiple factories or warehouse locations. Once enabled, factory codes or work centers are restricted based on the location code used on the record, improving usability. This enhancement eliminates the need to sift through extensive data, streamlining workflow and simplifying the user experience. Users can efficiently navigate and access records, improving their overall user experience by effectively managing daily workflow clutter.

Picture 4Users managing multiple factories or warehouse locations can enable this feature to access records based on the location code improving usability

Efficiently Handle Production Operations

Task Planning Enhancement

This enhancement gives users the option to enforce personnel assignments and due dates during task plan creation. By ensuring consistency in planning and promoting follow-through, this feature reduces the risk of incomplete tasks and enhances overall project efficiency.

Picture 5Option to set Assigned To and Date Due as mandatory fields to ensure timely completion of tasks

Primarily applicable to Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Corrective Actions (CA), Change Management (CM), and Nonconformance (NC) modules, this new enhancement empowers Quality Managers or Supervisors to ensure that tasks are being assigned to the appropriate personnel and ensure they are completed on time, contributing towards project success.

Smartly Manage Sensitive Materials with New Enhancements to the TCM Module

New Auto-Calculated "Remaining Container Quantity" Feature

This is a new feature in the Time – and Temperature–Controlled Material Management (TCM) Module , which automatically calculates the "Remaining Container Quantity" as the material is being allocated to Manufacturing Orders/Work Orders (MO/WO). This feature is invaluable for QA/Material Managers, Inventory Supervisors, and Shop Floor Personnel, providing real-time visibility into time and temperature-sensitive material usage and availability.

Picture 6Automatically calculate the "Remaining Container Quantity" as the material is being allocated to MOs.

With both the Initial and Remaining Quantity displayed on the Inventory Master Record, users can make informed inventory adjustments. Additionally, the system records positive WIP Issues and negative WIP Returns as materials are allocated to Work Orders.

Improved Material Lifecycle Tracking

New measures introduced in the TCM module enhance material lifecycle tracking, aligning with industry-standard practices. This enhancement monitors material transactions from Storage through Handling, Staging, and Curing stages. Users can ensure adherence to quality standards and operational proficiency by providing comprehensive visibility into the transacted material journey.

Picture 7Monitor material transactions from Storage through Handling, Staging, and Curing stages while complying with industry-standard practices

Seamlessly Integrate and Access TIP Interface

ERP Interface Expansion: Supporting Seamless Transition to Web

In this update, we’ve added an ERP interface for all SAP ECC6.0 users. The productized integration will allow for a smoother and more streamlined upgrade to the modernized web-based application unlocking new modules and a vast array of enhancements.

Microsoft Edge Compatibility: Enhancing Browser Experience

With this update, users leveraging the Edge browser can now enjoy a seamless and productive experience. Whether accessing critical data, managing tasks, or collaborating with team members, our compatibility enhancements ensure that Edge users can fully leverage our platform's capabilities without encountering compatibility issues. This underscores our dedication to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for all users, regardless of their choice of browser.


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