More Automation, Visibility and Usability: The Latest Release of Vantagepoint

April 27, 2022
Megan Miller
Director of Product Marketing

The latest release of Vantagepoint has improvements and enhancements for every user. From deeper analytics in project plans and more robust filters for assigning the right resources to automated financial management and simpler business development, Vantagepoint offers even more to make your everyday job easier.

The Deltek product management team will soon deliver in-depth blog posts about the recent enhancements and new features to help you better understand how these can help your business. We encourage you to take the time to share these with your teams, implement them in your business and share your feedback on how these are beneficial to your company.

You don’t have to wait to get the most of these enhancements. You can check out the latest release notes, watch the latest town hall and use this post as a starting point to learn more about the latest release. Here are a few highlights of what’s new in Vantagepoint 5.0:

More In-Depth Project Planning Analysis

Project managers are constantly juggling hours and costs, comparing planned versus actual and comparing to the original baseline. Now, project managers can compare planned hours and amounts to actual hours and amounts and monitor performance against the original project baseline all in the project plan so they can more easily and accurately analyze the project in a single view. Vantagepoint project plans have multiple sub-rows as shown in the screenshot instead of having to run a report to dig into the details. This will allow project managers to more proactively manage their projects, make adjustments as needed and keep their projects on track. Note: Resource Planning is required for some features noted above.

Project Planning

Improve Resource Assignments with Enhanced Resource Filters

Empower project managers and resource managers to identify the right resources for projects and easily adjust team assignments. The enhanced resource search and new project filters make it easier to make the best choice for the project. PMs can expand their resource search criteria to include essential employee fields when analyzing capacity and finding the right resources for the project. Projects can also be filtered to only show projects for a certain PM or projects at a particular stage or probability to easily get to the view needed to make better decisions. Note: Resource Planning is required

Resource Filters

Easily Monitor Upcoming Tasks

Project plans are only effective if the project teams know what they need to do, how much time they have for the task at hand and what the deadlines are. Now, team members can see projects they are scheduled to work on from their dashboard. The new My Upcoming Assignments dashpart shows just their projects and tasks with the hours assigned in the given time period. Employees can also actively monitor their utilization and have conversations with their managers if they are assigned to too many projects and not enough hours.

Monitor Upcoming Tasks

Capture Contact Information Faster

As business developers and project managers interact with potential clients and teaming partners, it often results in stacks of business cards that must be sorted back in the office. With Vantagepoint Mobile CRM, business developers can simply take a photo of a business card and the mobile app will capture key contact details to create a new contact in CRM. No more typing stacks of business cards or forgetting to add key contacts after an event. Easily capture contacts with a simple scan from anywhere.

Business Card Scanner

Simplify Bank Reconciliation and Invoicing

Financial management can be manual and tedious, but Vantagepoint continues to automate and streamline the bank reconciliation process. The automatic bank feed functionality allowing users to connect Vantagepoint to their bank to automate the import of banking transactions is now available to our on-premises users in addition to cloud. In addition, accounting teams can further automate the cash transactions process by creating cash receipts directly from these imported transactions within the bank reconciliation. Users can also speed up the invoicing process with email templates for interactive billing, allowing users to easily reuse subject and message content as well as the appropriate project roles to include in invoice communication.

Bank Reconciliation

Streamline Vendor Payments

Deltek Payments allows you to digitally transform your current cash flow process by streamlining and automating payments with Vantagepoint With Vantagepoint and Deltek Payments, you can now optimize your outbound payments, gain more control with vendor payments, offset the liability for payments to a trusted partner and streamlining the overall vendor payment process.

Vendor Payments

More Control with Dashboard Enhancements

Having the right information readily available to meet the needs of each user is critical to more informed decision making. To better manage your pipeline, users can now control what revenue amounts are used in the pipeline so that the pipeline shows the best insight for your business. For back office, users can now see invoice billing client and A/R comments directly from the dashboard making it faster and easier to get the answers you need. Users can also leverage calculated fields to support date ranges on the dashboard.

Executive Dashboards

Project Manager Dashboard

Improving the User Experience

As with every release, there are improvements specifically focused on the user experience based on feedback directly from our users. First, timesheets can now be sorted in a variety of ways to make it easier to find what users need. Records can be sorted by last name instead of first name to make it easier to navigate approvals. Timesheet details can be sorted by project name or project number, which is especially beneficial for users with an extensive list of projects they work on each week. Users can also save grid views to easily get to the information they need. Users will also be able to take advantage of search navigation improvements and login assistance for mobile apps.

Take Vantagepoint to the Next Level Today

Now is the time to explore the new features and enhancements. Over the next few weeks, the Vantagepoint product management team will share more details about many of the new features and enhancements in a series of blog posts, so be sure to check back often. You can also check out the release notes for more in-depth details about the latest release. If you want to see much of this in action, be sure to check out the Q1 2022 Vantagepoint Customer Town Hall. We look forward to hearing how your company is taking advantage of the latest features and enhancements to improve your business processes.