A Look Back of 2023: Deltek Specpoint Continues Transforming Construction Specifications

January 29, 2024
Denise McDaniel
Product Marketing Manager
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Looking back at 2023, it’s hard to believe how much was accomplished in just 12 months. From the annual user conference, Deltek ProjectCon, to the many Deltek Specpoint product features released, 2023 was a productive year! In this blog, we'll review some of the Specpoint product highlights of the past year and reflect on what they mean for the future of specifications.

Track Changes: Accelerate Project Collaboration

Building projects contain many phases and iterations and numerous project team members. Because of this, keeping project documents, specifications and drawings aligned can feel like a job itself. Specpoint now empowers users to track changes and seamlessly collaborate with team members without worrying about version control on documents. Check out this blog post to learn more.

Quickly review suggested edits and easily accept or reject changes to keep your project on schedule.

Revit Integration: Improve Project Accuracy

Autodesk Revit is one of the most widely used BIM tools available. In early 2023, Deltek Specpoint released a Revit plug-in that integrates construction specifications to the Revit BIM model to deliver better-coordinated projects. The benefits of Specpoint’s Revit integration revolve around improved project efficiencies, enhanced project team collaboration and increased accuracy of project deliverables. Key functionality in this release of the Revit integration include:

  • Product Selection from Revit: Easily review and find building product information added to the project for coordination with Revit model elements. Users can also research and add products based on UniFormat functional elements approved within Specpoint to improve project accuracy.
  • One-click Specification Collaboration: Access specifications in a single click to review information or suggest markups, improving project efficiencies.

Specpoint Revit integration increases project collaboration and improves spec accuracy with continuous synchronization with the BIM model.

Want to learn more? Read this blog about improving project accuracy with Specpoint Revit integration.

Contributor Users: Foster Project Team Collaboration

In the ever-changing project design environment, risks and uncertainties are inevitable. However, collaboration within project teams enables proactive risk mitigation and informed decision-making. By "crowd-sourcing” team members' diverse expertise and experiences, teams can identify potential risks early on, analyze their impact, and develop contingency plans. Specpoint introduced the flexibility to add contributors to a project who can provide valuable feedback, but not directly edit or author the specifications. Adding Contributor Users to your existing Specpoint subscription will elevate project team collaboration and knowledge sharing for better projects.

Level of Specification: Control Specs Throughout the Project

Specpoint introduced Level of Specification (LOS) to give you a line of sight to the level of specificity needed for each phase of the project. By doing this, your team can quickly evolve the LOS for each specification as the project progresses through each design phase, without costly overwork and lost time. Specpoint LOS puts you in the driver's seat to manage what level of detail you expect/need at various project phases. The result, your team will have better control of the specifications throughout the project to curtail over or under-development of specs or waste too much time in a project phase.

Seamlessly manage the Level of Specification (LOS) throughout design phases.

Office Master Management: Delivering Efficiencies

Firm office masters are a valuable tool to streamline incorporating specifications into similar building projects, however, maintaining and managing office masters can be challenging. Specpoint now offers an Office Master Workspace that empowers users to edit, maintain, and manage firm office masters in one place. This saves specification writers time by eliminating the need to export, edit and re-import the office master when updates are needed. Specpoint’s ability to edit, maintain, and manage office masters all within the software improves efficiencies and supports keeping office masters current for better project deliverables. Learn more about LOS and Office Master Management.

Deltek ProjectCon: A Must Attend User Event

In October 2023, more than 3,000 Deltek customers attended Deltek ProjectCon 2023 in Orlando, Florida. The three-day event provided Deltek users with an opportunity to learn about the latest product updates, network with industry peers, and attend informative keynote speeches. The event featured Specpoint product-specific sessions that aimed to help users maximize the product’s capabilities and interactive forums to help users deliver specifications more efficiently using Specpoint.

Deltek ProjectCon 2024 promises to be even bigger and better! Save the date and plan to attend Deltek ProjectCon 2024, which will be held November 12-14 at the Gaylord National in National Harbor, MD.

Specpoint in 2024

Deltek will introduce even more Specpoint product features and functionality in 2024 to help streamline the process of developing construction specifications. To stay up to date with all the latest product announcements and be the first to know, register for the quarterly Deltek Specification Solutions Customer Town Halls. At Deltek, we are excited about what 2024 will bring, and we look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality solutions to power your projects!


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