Deltek Specification Solutions Users: 5 Reasons to Attend Deltek ProjectCon

September 02, 2022
Denise McDaniel
Product Marketing Manager
Deltek ProjectCon 2022

Attention to all Deltek Specification Solutions users… In a few months, Deltek ProjectCon – formerly Deltek Insight – is back in person. Thousands of Deltek users will join for four days of content, connection and customer appreciate. We’re excited for Deltek Specification Solutions users to hear directly from our product teams, get insight into the latest product roadmap and learn tips and tricks from industry experts. Whether you have joined us in person in the past or this is your first time, register today and join us November 15-18, 2022. You can’t afford to miss Deltek ProjectCon 2022.


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Deltek ProjectCon will have much of what you knew and loved about Deltek Insight and so much more. Here are a few reasons why you can’t miss Deltek ProjectCon 2022:

#1 Strengthen Your Product Knowledge

The number one reason people attend Deltek ProjectCon year after year is for the product sessions and this year won’t disappoint. Deltek Specification Solutions users will gain insight into the Specpoint product roadmap, learn best practices from the experts, hear tips and tricks from other users and see how to make Deltek Specpoint your go to tool for developing construction specifications.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with speakers in seven Deltek Specpoint sessions to help increase adoption, reduce administrative burdens, improve information management processes and enhance flexibility and accessibility of project specifications across the business. Here are some Specpoint sessions you won’t want to miss:

All specs product users should attend the Deltek Specification Solutions Product Kick-off and Roadmap (SPSO-01) session where Senior Director of Product Management, Gilles Letourneau, will get your teams excited about the future of Specpoint with a glimpse into the product roadmap and much more.

Your teams will learn:

  • Best Practices to Digitally Transform Your Firm (SPSO-03)
  • Tips and Tricks for Migrating to Specpoint: Tools and Resources (SPSO-04)
  • How Specpoint Drives Better Project Efficiencies (SPSO-05)
  • Deliver Better Projects with a Data Driven Approach (SPSO-06)
  • And more!

#2 Learn How Deltek is Committed to Your Success

Expand your knowledge beyond Deltek Specification Solutions and learn how Deltek is committed to your overall business cusses. The Customer Experience (CX) learning track includes sessions focused on how Deltek can help invigorate and protect your business. In this track, you’ll learn:

  • Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence (CX-03)
  • What’s Happening in the Deltek Cloud (CX-04)
  • Maximize Deltek Product Training and Documentation (CX-07)
  • And more!

#3 Network with Other Deltek Specification Solutions Users

As a Deltek customer, one of the many benefits is that you have a community of users you can connect with to answer questions and share best practices for leveraging your Deltek Specification solution. During Deltek Project Nation Meetups, attendees can participate in casual peer-to-peer sessions to share your experiences, exchange ideas and make meaningful connections. Enjoy breakfast with fellow Specs users and the Deltek Specs product team on Thursday in the dining hall. The XPO, other sit-down meals and customer appreciation event also are a great opportunity to interact with other users.

#4 Uncover Complementary Deltek Solutions

While you are at Deltek ProjectCon, we encourage you to check out our other project-based solutions that can help your company power your project success. You can join sessions or visit the XPO to learn about solutions like Deltek Project Information Management (PIM), Deltek Vantagepoint and more! Just filter the session catalog by role or product to learn more and visit the XPO Hall to ask questions and get more details on how these solutions can help your company.

#5 Explore Additional Learning and Networking Opportunities

Attendees can schedule time to speak one-on-one in a Meet the Expert appointment or participate in a Pre-Conference Workshop. Finally, there will be many networking and exploration opportunities available in the XPO, where attendees can learn about Deltek’s full suite of products, discover our sponsoring partners’ products and services, engage with our Customer Care team and participate in our Usability Lab.

We look forward to having you join us in Nashville for the largest gathering of project-based professionals. Be sure you register today and don’t forget to invite your teams and colleagues to experience Deltek ProjectCon 2022.


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