Quarterly Town Hall Recap (Part 2): Modern Browsers, Technical Requirements and More

November 18, 2020
Linda Dininger
Linda Dininger
Product Marketing Manager

Last week, we provided Part 1 of the Town Hall recap outlining Deltek PIM’s smart journey and how you can get involved. Read that blog here.

This week, we’re covering some technical details that were discussed in that same Town Hall. From major movements towards cross-browser functionality to some required updates of your internal systems, Deltek PIM is striving to provide a better user experience while maintaining maximum performance, functionality and security.


Deltek PIM Customer Town Hall

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Modern Browser Compatibility: The Journey Continues

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Statement

We can confirm that in line with Microsoft’s policy, as part of the windows operating system, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) will be supported for the life of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Further information can be found on Microsoft’s website.

In the meantime, although Microsoft 365 apps will not be supporting IE11 after August 2021 and the Teams web app will not be supported on the browser from the end of November 2020 (as per this link), Deltek PIM will continue to function within IE11.

Modern Browser Technology

It’s been quite the journey to port the various areas of Deltek PIM into modern browser technology. We started the process in 2015 and we’re thrilled to share that you will begin seeing some significant progress in just a few short months.

Our 20.1 release in spring 2021 includes the launch of our new working files replacement (local file management) and the ground-up redevelopment of Deltek PIM’s admin zone. The redevelopment of these features into our latest technology will see PIM move significantly forward in its journey to be cross-browser compliant. We are also in the process of planning our 21.0 release due late 2021, which again aims to port other areas of PIM into the latest technology.


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Deltek PIM's journey towards modern browser technology

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Tech Corner: What You Need to Know

By popular demand, Senior Director of Engineering Andy McDonald shares some reminders about Deltek PIM housekeeping items.

TLS Hardening Required Post v19.0

Effective v19.0 released in 2019, Deltek PIM supports only TLS 1.2 enabled (or ‘hardened’) server environments. Deltek continues encourage our customers to use secure HTTP for all connections. If you need assistance with preparing your servers, reach out to your Deltek Account Manager.

SSRS Mandatory for Upgrade to v20.x

We recently incorporated new technology framework called SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS for short) by Microsoft. As such for those who are hosting Deltek PIM on their own servers, you’ll need to install SSRS within your network to upgrade to Deltek PIM 20.0 and beyond.

What is SSRS? It is a more user-friendly way of creating and delivering a variety of dynamic, interactive and printed reports. This allows for more flexibility in your reporting, scalability alongside the sheer amount of data in your PIM system and is easier to use so you can get the data you need. This reporting is being delivered in phases with each release across the Deltek PIM system, with defect management (punch lists in North America, snagging in the UK) and design deliverables reporting available now. 

Updated Mobile App OS Requirements

Beginning in the 20.1 release (anticipated for spring 2021), changes to Deltek PIM’s mobile app minimum operating system (OS) requirements. For iOS, the minimum OS requirement is iOS 10 and up. For Androids, the minimum requirement is 7.0 and up.

So be sure to update your mobile device’s OS ahead of the next release to maintain maximum functionality of Deltek PIM’s mobile app.

Consider a Self-Upgrade (for on premise customers)

We have introduced a tool to allow those who host their Deltek PIM solution on their own servers to perform your own upgrades, without enlisting the assistance of Deltek’s team. We recently escorted 10 clients through the process, gathering their feedback along the way. Overall, the feedback was positive. The key to success is to have a plan and determine who within your business should be involved in the process.

Why should you consider self-upgrading?

  • To control how and when you upgrade to meet the needs of your business and take advantage of the latest features and functionality.
  • To save money. Upgrading your PIM solution with our new tool is an easy process that does not require you to enlist the assistance of Deltek’s PIM upgrade specialists.

Don’t be Nervous. We will be there for you.

During your first upgrade, Deltek will provide support services at no cost. This will allow your teams to walk through the process knowing that you have full support should you run into any issues or have questions. Our goal is to help your team perform a successful upgrade.

To learn more about the new self-upgrade tool, read this blog or reach out to your Account Manager.