Make Better Business Decisions through Deltek PIM Reporting and Charting

November 06, 2020
Linda Dininger
Linda Dininger
Product Marketing Manager

So you’ve implemented Deltek PIM and now are benefiting from your employees feeding all sorts of data in to the system. This includes numerous people working in multiple locations, including on site via mobile devices. Now that you’ve gathered an impressive amount of data, what can you do now?

That’s where reporting and charting comes into play. This allows your teams to examine that data in a unique way to better your business. By evaluating this data, you can identify inefficiencies, learn from your mistakes and even learn from your success. Reporting is a key vehicle to gaining understanding into why your top-performing projects are doing so well, so that you can transfer those processes and lessons learned across your entire business.

Deltek PIM has a lot of reporting and charting functionality that comes as standard with the product. Let’s review the different types of reporting available.

Deltek PIM Reporting and Charting

Onscreen Reports

On screen reports provide a direct window into your data within PIM. Most bands displayed across the top of your Deltek PIM solution offers reporting viewable directly on your screen. To narrow the displayed results, you can apply some quick top-level filters or access additional filters through the green plus-sign button.

In addition, you can export that data into Excel, allowing you to perform additional data analysis.

Deltek PIM Onscreen Report_Observations

Deltek PIM Onscreen Reporting_Drawing Lifecycle Manager

Advanced Searches

Accessible from the Activity Zone band, the advanced searches allow you to glean information across the entire business, across all entities (i.e., projects, contacts). This provides a view on all data in your system collated into a single report.

Because your Deltek PIM system houses a lot of information, Deltek recommends first applying some initial filters before running any reports. This will help display results more quickly. As with on screen reports, you can apply additional (or extended) filters using the green plus-sign button available in most cases.

To add more flexibility, you can sort and group results, as well as select which columns to display and in what order, providing you the details you need in the most consumable way. For columns that contain numbers, you can also check the totaling feature checkbox, providing a grand total of that column at the bottom.

Finally, you can save your repetitive or refined searches to help you run that same report (i.e., weekly status report) in a fraction of the time.

Deltek PIM Advanced Search_Sorting and Grouping

Deltek PIM Advanced Search Results

Standard Reporting

We recently incorporated new technology framework called SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS for short) by Microsoft. It is a more user-friendly way of creating and delivering a variety of dynamic, interactive and printed reports. This allows for more flexibility in your reporting, scalability alongside the sheer amount of data in your PIM system and is easier to use so you can get the data you need. It's a really powerful engine that's built into the system and therefore it's a really natural fit for your PIM data.

This reporting is being delivered in phases with each release across the Deltek PIM system, with defect management (punch lists in North America, snagging in the UK) and design deliverables reporting available now. Under these respective bands within a project record, simply filter and select the items on which you wish to report, then click on the “Create Report” icon.

Deltek PIM Standard Report_Run Report

Deltek PIM Standard Reporting_Defect Management

Deltek PIM Standard Reporting_DLM

Deltek PIM Standard Reporting_Drawing Register


Deltek PIM’s charting capability displays a graphical representation of high-level data. This is useful for performance metrics, such as RFI status and enquiry pipeline and conversion rates. Like with Standard Reports, charting is being delivered in phases in each release across the Deltek PIM system.

Available now within defect management band (or punch lists in North America, snagging in the UK), charting provides quick and easy visual insight into your projects to help you manage them on a day-by-day basis through key performance indicators (KPI), as well as monitor patterns and trends.

Deltek PIM, Defect Management Performance Charts

Custom Options

As discussed above, Deltek PIM provides great standard reporting and charting options. However, there may be cases where something different would be useful to your specific business. That's where Bespoke Charting and Reporting can close the gap and provide your business the information needed to make better decisions.

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to create custom reports with the help of our consultancy team. For more information, contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

Deltek PIM Bespoke Reporting and Charting Steps


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