3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Deltek PIM Optimization Workshop

August 14, 2023
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It’s a challenge to take a step back and consider your business systems and how they align with your current processes. You invested in Deltek PIM to help manage your project information, but are you still getting those day-to-day benefits from when it was first implemented? Do your employees still use the system in the way they should?

Reviewing your use of Deltek PIM and re-engaging your employees will help them become more productive and maximize your company’s return on investment (ROI).

Perhaps it’s time to review whether you’re getting the most out of your investment by exploring a Deltek PIM Optimization Workshop (POW). Here are three reasons your company should consider reinvigorating your business processes to ultimately save time through a Deltek PIM POW.

#1 Your Business Has Changed, Even If It Doesn’t Seem Like It

When you look back at the years you’ve spent in business, it’s easy to acknowledge that the world has evolved. Digital technology has matured, sustainable design is now front and center of all designs and client expectations are more sophisticated. But have you really adjusted your internal processes and further applied technology to address all that has changed from year to year or month to month? If the previous three years have taught professional services firms anything, it’s that they can probably be more agile and adapt to situations more effectively. It takes time to take a step back and evaluate whether your processes and the projects you deliver have changed. In many cases, they have and it’s likely the old document management or project information processes you have in place are starting to feel stale and creating friction for your teams.

If you implemented Deltek PIM seven, five or even two years ago, does the configuration still meet your business and project needs? A POW offers the experience of a Deltek consultant whose focus is to learn about your business and how to help you leverage Deltek PIM to support those needs and enhance your efficiency.


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#2 You Know What Deltek PIM Does, But Does Everyone Else?

The common misconception is that everyone in the business is using the system effectively, just like they were trained to do. However, oftentimes they are not. The bigger question is how they are using Deltek PIM, if they’re using it at all.

As a champion user of Deltek PIM or any business system, it’s natural to follow the processes you were taught when you first implemented the system. In many cases you’ve had more hands-on experience and know how the system is administered and can even dabble in some of the more advanced areas. But do the teams working in the office, on project sites or a hundred miles away understand the basics of an information management system or even perform tasks correctly (and in the most efficient way)?

Did you know that Deltek PIM has many tools that can expose how frequently users are leveraging areas of the system? A detailed review often identifies those teams and individuals who either don’t know how, or choose to ignore, your business processes. A POW allows you to focus on identifying these gaps in usage and knowledge across your business by reviewing the experience of different teams and, most critically, formulating a plan to tackle these gaps effectively.

#3 There’s a New Way to Do That

It’s inevitable human behavior to stick with what we know. For example, if a new bypass is built, there’s a temptation to continue to drive through the city because you always have. You’d like to think that you’d take the easier option and avoid the traffic. But what if you didn’t even realize the alternate road was there?

The same is true with software. Users don’t know what they don’t know and thus aren’t able to improve how they’re using Deltek PIM. By participating in an optimization workshop, you can find and identify features and enhancements in Deltek PIM that you may not be taking advantage of that can have tangible benefits for you and your users. In many cases, a new module such as PIM Teamwork or a new core feature like Universal Document Control (UDC) can replace outdated processes and streamline workflows for your teams. A fresh take on Deltek PIM’s functionality can reinvigorate business interest and improve the capturing of key information, such as vendor or partner ratings in PIM Team Evaluation, that were being overlooked.

From the experience of the Deltek consulting team, the number one benefit of a POW is the small wins that can have the biggest impact. For example, a new button or quick suggestion from a consultant can save a few minutes each day. Amplify that few minutes across all your users for 200+ business days a year and that small change can improve engagement with your business systems and save hundreds of extra hours that your teams can focus on more productive work!


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About the Author

Oliver Guilliatt is a senior consultant and team lead in the Deltek Professional Services team. He works with architecture and engineering (A&E) and construction businesses on the implementation and optimization of Deltek PIM. Oliver has particular interest in the ways Deltek’s products can help to supplement and enhance business processes and efficiency throughout the industry.