Get More Out of Deltek PIM with an Optimization Workshop

March 15, 2021

You invested in Deltek PIM to help run your business. But as time goes on and the climate changes, it could be time to revisit how your business is using the system.

Perhaps the pandemic has encouraged your employees to work in different ways and current processes and workflows need a refresh. Maybe your employees aren’t fully embracing the system for one reason or another. Or maybe you’ve heard rumors of the new ‘smart technology’ that has been infused into Deltek PIM and are excited to spread the news across your business. Either way, re-engaging your employees in their use of the product will not only help them become more productive, but also maximize your company’s return on investment (ROI).

One way of ensure you are getting the most out of your investment is through a PIM Optimization Workshop (or POW).


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What is a Deltek PIM Optimization Workshop?

The Deltek PIM Optimisation Workshop (POW) includes an experienced Deltek Consultant working closely with you to develop recommendations for enhancing your use of PIM’s functionality. Specifically, the Deltek Consultant will:

  • Evaluate management objectives and current business processes to align with industry best practices
  • Review PIM functionality, options and features to determine the most efficient use for your business
  • Assess related PIM reporting against management objectives and industry best practices to ensure they match to business goals and objectives
  • Provide recommendations to improve the business processes through the functionality in PIM to more effectively align with management objectives
  • Prioritize process improvements for improved operational effectiveness based on their business impact and ease of implementation

What are the Benefits of a POW?

Beyond an introduction of Deltek PIM’s features and benefits, the workshop will help:

  • Increase awareness of new, relevant functionality
  • Roll out new smart features to reinvigorate your users’ adoption of Deltek PIM
  • Prepare you to adapt quickly to changing market
  • Identify time and cost savings through productivity improvements
  • Improve business performance and resource alignment
  • Standardize integrated business processes
  • Review legacy bespoke customisations to ensure their compatibility with current PIM technology
  • Uncover additional opportunities to leverage PIM

When Should You Consider a POW?

  • Upgrading from an older version of PIM
  • Implemented PIM more than a year ago
  • Experienced an organizational change such as a merger or acquisition
  • Had a change in leadership or management objectives
  • Have gone through a significant turnover in staff
  • Feel that you could be getting more out of the system

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