Mid-Year Review and Look Ahead in the Q2 Customer Town Hall

June 11, 2021

These town halls are part of our commitment to our users to ensure they have the latest information about their solutions, can get tips and tricks from the experts and can get updates about what’s happening with Deltek + ComputerEase. This is also an opportunity for you to get your questions answered by submitting your questions ahead of time. In our Q2 Customer Town Hall, Deltek + ComputerEase leaders walked user through what updates have been made and what users need to be aware of for the upcoming July release.

2021 Releases

In an ongoing effort to continuously improve our processes for users, we continue to push for two enhanced releases every year. Due to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) the first enhancement release was split into two stages. The first half of the release, Release 21.1.0, was made available in May, and the second part of the first release, 21.2.0, is set to be available in July.

The second enhancement release for 2021 is still on track to release mid-October to early November, and we will continue to monitor and communicate that timeframe. The Year End Tax Release as always will be available to users as well; this release is done every year to provide any updates to tax table changes and compliance changes. This primarily affects payroll, but takes into account any tax-related changes, so be aware we will continue to provide that.

May Release Updates

The first half of the first enhanced release of the year for Deltek + ComputerEase users included multiple upgrades to enhance functionality and flexibility. Updates were made to Accounts Payable for invoice entries and paying invoices. The New Hire Report in Payroll has been updated to include an Excel template, and overtime posting to the General Ledger has been updated to have additional options for the user to charge the amount that makes the most sense in any given situation. There is no right or wrong way to add any particular amount for any given circumstance, and this update allows you that flexibility to make those decisions based on your business. The PO Search Center is also updated to include more options for identifying complex purchase orders, as well as the ability to cancel one. There are many additional imports, from purchase order additions to employee direct deposits to sick and vacation hours.

For more information on the details of this part of the release, check out the blog recap that provides a full breakdown of what was upgraded and how you can take advantage of it to improve your business.

Preparing for the July Release

A majority of the updates currently scheduled to come in the July release are centered around automated reports and alerts. Core areas of enhancements include the ability to schedule reports with emailing options and to email to-do alerts and invoice routing notifications as well as the release of the 941 Form for Q2. We’re excited to release these enhancements as a continued effort to provide improvements based on what users have asked for to continue to better streamline the reporting process.

Because of this, the ComputerEase Live Service Administration (CE Live) needs to be installed and running for the scheduling reports with emailing options and email to-do alerts and invoice routine notification to operate. Instructions and videos are coming soon, so be sure to follow these upcoming instructions and trainings to install CE Live before the July release is available.

Deltek Marketplace Updates

The Deltek Partner Marketplace is a network of 100+ companies, bots and interfaces that can integrate into our products or help fill a need for your business with their complimentary solutions. These partners are carefully vetted for quality and relevancy to bring an added value to your business in potential needs. Three key partners highlighted that can benefit Deltek + ComputerEase users include WorkMax, an app-based time collection platform, EverythingBenefits, a benefits integration platform, and TradeHounds, a phone-based job board for small- to mid-sized trade businesses. Check these companies and more out here.

Customer Care

We’re excited about our recent move to the Deltek Support Center, and continue to address new user questions to help you transition easily to the resources available to you. Tracey Henry, Senior Support Manager, reminded users about a common question about logging in. Reminder that first-time users will need to generate a one-time password in order to log in successfully. Once logged in, you have access to the chat feature, which we recommend for easy and instant access to a customer care representative to help fix minor issues with your system. If you’re looking for a way to troubleshoot on your own, the Knowledge Base articles are a great resource – simply search with keywords on the Knowledge Base Article landing page, and review any resources available in the platform for your benefit. If you’re looking for additional support outside of the chat feature, you can submit a formal case which we will track until the issue is properly addressed.


We continue to host our twice weekly Meet the Expert webinars with Maribel Scarnecchia, Director of Training & Implementation. During these calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she is available for users to live chat with to work through functionality issues or general questions. This is done to provide users continued and regular access to our experts and improve their understanding of the product, so take advantage when you’re able to. Register for those here and for more advanced, topic-specific trainings, like Cyclical Billing and Quoting Features and Project Management Tools.

Reminder that we offer discounted training rates for Meet the Expert attendees needing more one-on-one assistance. These enhancement release training webinars include training as well as custom services for your business, such as custom Word and Excel templates. Data work and common reporting questions that we can assist with include renumbering general ledger accounts (COA), adapting to fiscal year changes, and managing certified payroll forms and exports.

Deltek Insight 2021: Together Virtually

Reminder that registration is live for Deltek’s annual user conference, Deltek Insight 2021. Happening September 14 and 15, this is the second year that the Deltek + ComputerEase customers have the chance to come together virtually to meet other users and hear from the experts. For a nominal price, you get full access to a variety of sessions to make the most out of Deltek + ComputerEase. We’ll be going through all of the progress we’ve made since our 2019 acquisition, what you can expect in future enhancements, and more. Our product experts have been taking note of best practices they’ve seen over the years of how you can make your software work best for your business, and we’ll be sharing those insights as well. There will be several breakout sessions where you can hear from the experts and also ask your questions so you won’t want to miss this event.

Deltek Advocate Program

As a Deltek Customer, you have solved real-world business challenges with Deltek products - do you know someone else who has similar business challenges? Tell us about them through our Deltek Advocate Program and earn up to $15,000! If they buy our product, you get paid. For more information, check out our easy-to-use form to refer a company and start earning!

Stay in Touch

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